Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

I made a couple of gifts for mom, so I thought I'd post about them. Mom is as crazy about cats as I am, so I found the perfect fabric to make her an apron. This is Debbie Mumm fabric.
I think she will like it. Last week when I was visiting her, she asked if I could make her another toaster cover. My grandma made this one for her over 40 years ago. So I brought it home for a pattern.  As you can see, it is about worn out.
If I ever make another toaster cover, I will come up with my own pattern. Ick! I did not like working with the bias tape and the curve at the top. I am so glad to get this done.
Here is a closeup of the front.
So happy birthday Mom! I hope you had a good one. Since I just talked to you, I know you did. LOL 

I had planned to visit mom today, but she had other plans. I will go see her either tomorrow or Saturday. I also have to get my grocery list ready. I will need to shop Saturday. I haven't forgotten about posting pictures of the grandkids, but wanted to get mom's post in first.

My heart is breaking for all those affected by the tornadoes in our state. Please pray for these people and if you can help, I know they would really appreciate it.

Thanks for visiting. Please come again. Have a wonderful evening.


Pat said...

Your gifts for your mom are very nice. I'm glad she had a good birthday.

Terry said...

You did a great job on the new toaster cover! I'm sure your mom will love it! :0)

Stray Stitches said...

Your toaster cover is very pretty. I'm sure your mom loved it!! And the apron is very cute :)

Paula said...

Happy Birthday to your mom, Winona! I love the apron and toaster cover you made for her... although I love the old chickie one, too. *grin*
You were the first one I thought of when I heard the terrible news about Joplin, but I didn't think you lived near there... (or at least I hoped you didn't..)
Glad you all are safe, though- and yes, those people sure need our prayers.

Cyndi said...

Oh Winona, please wish your mom a Happy Birthday from me! That apron you made is just too darn cute, and I think you did a wonderful job on the toaster cover. She's going to love them!

I, too, am happy to know that you all are okay after all of those terrible storms. We've been having them too.... I have been without power for the past three days; it just came back on today! And I am definitely keeping all those affected in my prayers!



Crispy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you Mom!! Her new toaster cover is adorable!! You are such a good daughter :0)


Bren said...

Tell your mom I said ♫Happy Birthday♫!! Your gifts are wonderful! I agree with are a good daughter!!
I have been praying for you with all those tornadoes...we had 2 one evening here and had to go to the basement. What a season!!!

Karen said...

I haven't made a toaster cover in years. I remember the curves with bias tape. Our toaster is never covered any more.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Cute toaster cover! The old one reminds me of mine - my MIL made it for me about 30 years ago and I have plans to make a new one, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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