Friday, March 11, 2011

Kevin has kept me busy!

He bought himself a Kindle last weekend. He has been trying to get me to get one, but I love books. Not sure I would really enjoy another electronic gadget.  So he got one and had me try it out. I think he finally understands that I really don't want one, at least not now. (grin) He has been using it and really loves it. I have never seen him so interested in reading. LOL I love it when he finds something he really enjoys. Anyway, he got a Kindle then asked me to make him a case for it. They want $40 for a case. I used some canvas like fabric for the outside and flannel for the inside lining. I wanted it to be tough, yet soft on the inside so as not to scratch the screen. I used an 1/8 inch thick foam in place of batting. Oh goodness, this was rough sewing. I thought it was the foam causing all the problems, but Kevin pointed out that it more than likely was the canvas like fabric (It might have been called duck cloth. I just can't remember). I think it turned out pretty good and Kevin loves it. This is the front.
I put a pocket on the back to hold the cord.
Here is a not so good picture of the inside.
I was glad to get this done. As soon as this one was finished he asked me to make a case for his GPS. I'll share pictures of it next time. It is getting late and I want to turn in pretty soon. I have an appointment to get the oil changed in my car in the morning.

I also wanted to ask everyone to please pray for the people of Japan. They are going through a horrible time right now. Also I having been thinking about a commenter on my blog named Julie Fukuda. If anyone has heard from Julie since this earthquake and tsunami please comment here. Julie lives in Japan.

About a year ago, I used to read a blog from a quilter in Japan named Tanya. She posted lots of interesting things about Japan. She was married, had a son and daughter (I think they were in the States), had several cats and a dog. I lost her blog address when I switched to my laptop about a year ago. If anyone knows the lady I am talking about and her blog address, I would sure appreciate if you commented on it or emailed it to me. I sure enjoyed reading her blog.

That is all for tonight. Thank you for visiting. Please come again. Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


Pat said...

I, too, was hesitant about Kindle but did get one and LOVE it. I made a quilted case for mine. Another friend made me one with a zipper but it doesn't fit my Kindle. :( It was kind of her to do that, though. The case you made for Kevin's is very nice!!!

Teresa said...

Nice Kindle case Winona. I'm sure Kevin loves it.

Watching all the turmoil in Japan is so unreal. I've never seen anything like that. I hope that your blogging friends are safe. Love you!

Crispy said...

That is a great tote for the Kindle, very manly looking :0)

It just breaks my heart to see the pictures from Japan. So very very sad!!


Paula said...

That's a wonderful bag, Winona... I don't have one but I imagine they are pretty fragile- I would be scared to take one of those things anywhere without a cover.
What happened in Japan is just too horrible for me to imagine... I pray your friend is safe and that you or someone you know will hear from her soon.

Marydon said...

Your bag is lovely ... I don't have one, not sure if hubby does.

Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
Have a wonderful weekend ~


Janet said...

I forgot to leave you Tanya website.

Anonymous said...

For me a kindle would take away the "buying the book for the cover" that I do so often...hehehe. You did a wondeful job on the cover.

Thanks so much for stopping by and entering my giveaway. Good luck.

blessings, jilly

Rosalyn Manesse said...

I love my Kindle, and although I only bought it recently, I have over 600 books on it. That's a great case that you made! I made one by folding a dishcloth, sewing a seam, and adding velcro

Jean said...

Hi I read Tanya's blogsite and her name there is taniwa Here in New Zealand we had instant help from the Japanese USAR, and I was so glad when our team was able to go over and return all their help. Such a sad time for all of Japan, our host daughter in Osaka is safe. NancyJ

Paula said...

Hey there, Winona- just stopping by to say howdy and tell you I miss you! *hehe*
Hope you are doing okay and not working too hard....

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