Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I made the daughters.

I decided that I'd better get a post in today, because no way I will have time tomorrow. I have to go to the bank, get groceries, run errands,  and make a visit to mom's. I am sure it will be a long day, so today I am taking it easy and piddling on the computer. (grin) Thank you for all the welcome backs. I appreciate it. I decided that since I showed the SIL's yesterday, I'd show the daughters today.

I decided to make each of them a Bow Tucks bag. I also gave them each a table runner/topper and a crocheted dish rag. I will start out with Carolyn's stuff. She loves things from the southwest, so when I found this fabric in Hobby Lobby, I just had to get it for her.
I am showing you the fabric too, because my picture of the bow tucks bag didn't turn out real good. I think this is just beautiful fabric. Thankfully, so did Carolyn. She said everyone who sees it wants one. LOL Here is her bag. I forgot to take pictures of the girls with their gifts, but I do have pictures of them. (grin)
I made this table topper a couple of years ago. She saw it once and commented on how she liked it. It is also a southwest charm pack, but I have no idea which one it was, now.
Here is our darling oldest daughter, Carolyn.
Now on to daughter #2, Cathryn. She, like her husband, Jeremy, was the one I was most concerned about pleasing. I knew she loved green, so I made a green bow tucks bag. I was talking to her about a week before Christmas. We were talking about colors we like. She said, 'Mom I really like green and beige. Pink is a color that I don't care for. I am not a pink type person.' Hmmm.... Here is what I had made for her.
LOL You think that would be too much pink for her? LOL I took this bag for myself. It just so happens that I had already made a beige and black bag. So that is what she got.
The main colors in her house are dark greens, browns, and burgundies with beige and black thrown in. So this is the table runner I made for her.

I think she really loved both gifts. She said the beige and black bag was perfect and really loved the table runner. Here is our darling 2nd daughter, Cathryn.

Next up we have Hazel. She is our 3rd daughter, but 4th child. I think she has a little of each of her two older sisters in her. LOL She and her husband, Ivan, hosted the family get together. Hazel likes blue and tigers. I could not find any blue fabric with tigers on it, but I did find some with cougars on it. Here is the fabric I found for her bag.
I even fussy cut the front pocket on Haze's.
The table runner I gave to Haze held a special memory for me. Last winter when I stayed with Izabella and Noah for 2 months, this was the first project I worked on while there. Izzie was a little leary of me at first, but she couldn't resist coming up and running her little fingers over the hand quilting. Then she would look up at me with this shy and sweet little grin. It just melted my heart. She has her mama's smile. Anyway, this one just had to go to Hazel.
Finally, here is darling daughter #3, Hazel.
I think all three girls were pleased with their gifts. It makes my heart warm when I give them something that they appreciate.  I hated it that I didn't have time to make anything for our sons this year. Maybe next. I did bake them each a goody box. I will share some more pictures later, probably on Saturday. Thanks for visiting. Please come again. Everyone have a great day.


Myra said...

Oh Winona...You gifts for your daughters are simply wonderful! Very nice! Good for you! 8-)

Paula said...

Oh, Winona- they are all so beautiful!! And the quilts you made for the guys in the last post were amazing. No wonder you haven't been blogging- you've been too busy sewing! (I'll bet your machine still hasn't stopped huffing and puffing! haha)
Hope you're feeling better today... I hate having those yucky coughs.
Tomorrow is errand day for me too- and we're supposed to get snow. *UGH* I hope it holds off until I get back home!

Zlaty said...

Beautiful bags and table runners! I think they should all be happy with your fabric choices! I also love green and I think green goes with pink! :) Did you hand quilt the runners?

Happy sewing!

Julie Fukuda said...

Those are all so nice and you are a real trooper trying to please everyone. One of my former Scouts came through Japan and brought me a quilted bag. It is just perfect in every aspect except the color is not one I would have selected. I use it all the time and think of that boy as he went through the ranks to Eagle and the man he has become in the process. I'll bet the pink pocket would have passed muster.

Crispy said...

Such great gifts Winona! I believe the boys were perfectly content with tasty goodies...guys are all about tasty goodies made by mom :0)


Libby said...

Beautiful Gifts!! I cant think of anything thing better than a handmade gift!!

Granny said...

Those bow tucks bags and the runners are beautiful. I'm sure they will get lots of compliments on them. You have a lovely family. I didn't get all the gifts I wanted to make done this year so I'm planning on making one each month this year. I'll see how it works out.

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