Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Hazel!

Our snow storm has started. It is coming down pretty heavy. We are north of Kansas City, so not getting it as bad as they are.  I just hope Kevin can make it home safely. The worst part of the storm is supposed to be during rush hour. Pretty bad timing. Most schools will probably be closed tomorrow. I just hope the wind does not get up. I have all my outside work done. I have spent the day watching tv and doing some embroidery. I am working on Bunny Hill's A Tisket a Tasket  from 2 years ago. LOL I am doing it in redwork. Better late than never. I am on block #11. Only one more left to do. I thought I only had one more Raggedy block to do to be caught up. Hmmm.... I have 2 more  blocks to do, then another one is do out tomorrow. Oh well. I will eventually get caught up.

Today is Hazel's 24th birthday! Happy birthday darling. I hope you have a good one. Wish I was down there. I'd make you a cake. Your dad and I love you, honey.
I figured I'd throw in a couple of pictures of Callie and Aeris, since I haven't posted many pictures of them lately. Aeris has decided she likes it behind my sewing machine. She is more of a pain than Callie. She likes to swat at things, so I have to make her get down when I want to sew. LOL
Now Callie wants to curl up next to my laptop on top of some scraps, of course. LOL
A good friend sent me this Thimbleberries calendar for Christmas. It has a gorgeous different block for each month. I love it. She knew I loved Thimbleberries. (grin)
Well, I guess that is all for me tonight. I must go look out the window and see how hard it is snowing. I just watched the weather in Kansas City. It is not a pretty sight down there. Everyone have a safe and warm evening. Thank you for visiting. Please come again.


Teresa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hazel! Praying that Kevin gets home safely.

My Simon is like Aeris. Whenever I start sewing, he makes it a point to get behind the machine and "grab" at things, lol. One day I left the room and returned to find him in my thread box making a mess of things. He always gets the empty thread spools to play with.

Granny said...

Happy birthday to Hazel. Hope Kevin makes it home safely.

Terry said...

I wonder if the snowstorm you're getting is what's supposed to hit us tomorrow. I'm ready for spring! LOL

Cyndi said...

Happy Birthday to Hazel! I hope she has a wonderful day! We're going to be getting a snowstorm tomorrow... 5 to 8 inches, I think! Well, glad I had enough fabric and thread...I'll just sew all day! :o)

Stay warm, sweet friend!



Paula said...

Happy Birthday to Hazel!! Ahhh... to be 24 again... *sigh*
I love your Thimbleberries calender, Winona~ that is so pretty. You will have plenty to keep you busy while you're snowed in. (Providing the power stays on! YIKES!)

Micki said...

Happy Birthday to Hazel! I enjoyed seeing all of your pics!

ROZ said...

Happy birthday, Hazel. I'm nice and warm in Southern CA. Paid my dues, though--I grew up in Nova Scotia!

Myra said...

A belated birthday wish to Hazel, and that looks like a wonderful calendar of goodies!!! Awesome Winona!

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