Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grandma Brag Post!

Boy! It's cold out today! It was 0* with a windchill of -15* when we got up this morning. It is up to 12* now, but since that was to be our high, I imagine it will start cooling down now. I am thankful that the grader went through our gravel road this morning. Poor Kevin had to walk in the last mile on our gravel road last night, then back out this morning. He will be relieved to drive all the way home tonight.

I am still not into the quilting mood, but I'm getting there. I have been trying to catch up on the embroidery of my Raggedy BOM. I just have 1 1/2 blocks to go and I'll be caught up. Yea! I have also found 2 more BOM that interest me. One is Henrietta Whiskers from Bunny Hill and the other is something about a little bird, but I can't remember right off hand who is providing it. I have it saved, though.  So on to more of my Christmas pictures. Today I'll share some pictures of our grandkids.

Here is Madison. I had not seen her in several months. She is getting hair now and is walking. I love her big blue eyes. She is daddy's girl.
Izabella looked like a doll in this cute little dress and her hair all fixed up.
She was sitting on Uncle Isaiah's lap. Look at the look she is giving him. LOL
Ava loved playing with Buddy.
Noah all cleaned up and ready for Christmas morning.
Santa brought him a remote control car. He could hardly wait to go out and try it. Here he is with his sister and uncles, Isaiah and Jon.
Ashton took time out from playing with one of his gifts to grin for Grandma.

Here are a couple of pictures of everyone opening gifts.

Well, I do believe that is enough pictures of the grandbabies. I guess you can kind of see that I am crazy about these kids. (grin) I will leave you here. The next time, I will post a few pictures of some of the small wall quilts I gave for Christmas gifts. Everyone stay warm and safe. Thank you for visiting. Please come again.


Granny said...

I never get tired of seeing the pictures of your adorable grandbabies. I'm glad the snowplow made it through so that it's easier for you to get out in case of an emergency.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your wall quilts.

Marydon said...

Now how on EARTH could anyone ever get tired of seeing the kid-lings ... I am strutting mine tonight also ... yours are darling. Madison has beautiful eyes ...

Have a lovely winters eve ~
Hugs, Marydon

Cyndi said...

Hi Winona! Oh, I am so far behind on reading blogs...but I am so happy to see your post! Your grandkids are ADORABLE! You definitely have every reason to brag on them and show them off! :o)

Hope you all are staying warm...this winter has been a doozy so far. I promise to write soon, sweet friend!



Just Ramblin' said...

How can you think of not sharing more pictures of your cute grandchildren. We all love seeing them! And, isn't that what grandmothers are supposed to do...brag about their grandchildren?
I know I certainly do my fair share! Stay warm! Nola

Paula said...

Winona, every one of your grandbabies is just so precious~ from the biggest to the little-est! *LOL*
I can see why you're crazy about them... and I never get tired of seeing my bloggy friends' families.
We still have our snow too, although not as much as you all, but it has been too cold for it to melt and I'm about tired of the animals water staying frozen all the time.
Sounds like you have some great projects ahead- can't wait until you're in the mood again.
(To quilt! haha)

Pat said...

It sure looks like all those cute kids (and the rest of the family, too) had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing the photos. I think we all enjoy seeing photos of kids having a great time.

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