Thursday, August 26, 2010

Catching Up!

I just realized that it has been about a week since I did a post, so decided I'd get one done. I have been busy. I have 15 blocks done now out of 35 on Bob's Patriotic Shoo Fly. It is not going as quickly as I thought, but that might be because I keep getting sidetracked with other projects. LOL I have the first redwork piece done on the Raggedy Annie and Friends BOM block #2. I decided to make the backgrounds bigger for the redwork, then cut them down to fit with the other pieces of the block after I get the embroidery done. I think that is going to work better for me. I had some raveling on the first block and wanted to avoid that. I also found my red pens that I bought especially for tracing redwork. If all else fails, look in the drawer where they are supposed to be. LOL
I am working on putting the blocks together for the Charm Pack Quilt Along. I still have several of these to do, but may try to get them finished up this afternoon. I like how they are turning out.
When I was tracing the designs for the Raggedy Annie block, I went ahead and traced a few more designs. I now have lots of redwork to keep me occupied. I may try doing some in these in bluework or greenwork to just kind of mix things up a mite. (grin)
I decided to see how much damage Buddy had done to my new batting. It was not as bad as I feared. I only had to cut about a foot off the end of the batt. It will still be usable for a twin size quilt, and I can use the cut off piece for small projects.  See, not too bad. The rest of the batt is fine.
I was in Walmart last weekend and found these fabrics that I just fell in love with. These just scream fall, don't they?
 I have already used them. I made a Bow Tucks bag yesterday, but I will share about that next post. I took several pictures while making the Bow Tucks bag.

I love hand quilting, but I also want to learn free motion quilting. All I have ever done with my machine is with my walking foot. Christina over at A Few Scraps is doing a free motion quilt along. I am going to attempt this. You may never see the results, though. LOL I will see how things go. I have the ugly quilt top all ready to begin. She said to just pick 3 fabrics and put this simple quilt together. It is for learning and practice, so it doesn't matter how ugly it is. Well, mine sure wins in the ugly category. LOL
I have all of my supplies ready. Now if I can just be coordinated enough to do free motion quilting. LOL

It has cooled down a lot here. We have had the highs in the 70's and lows in the lower 50's this week. I even have been able to turn the a/c off. What a welcome relief this is. It definitely feels like fall is here.

Things are up and down with Buddy, Callie, and Aeris. One minute Buddy and Callie will be laying next to each other with no problems. The next moment, she is hissing and he is barking. LOL Aeris is still hiding out, but did come up to sniff Buddy and rub her chin on his. That about freaked him out. LOL Buddy has managed to lose 2 of his squeaky toys. I cannot find them anywhere. I am thinking this is his way of getting some new toys. (grin) He does very well at night now. He goes in his crate without any whining or crying and stays quiet until we get up. I realized that we have the ABC's here at our house: Aeris, Buddy, and Callie. LOL I know, I am lame. (griggle) Here is a picture of Buddy that shows his cute tail.
 Here he is smiling for the camera.
Here is Callie's 'Whatever!' attitude. Sorry about the mess behind her. What can I say? I am a messy quilter. LOL
Well, that is my update for now. I am laughing as I watch Buddy chase his own tail around and around. Callie is sitting here saying, 'Stupid dog!' LOL  I'll be back soon to share my Bow Tucks bag with you. Everyone have a great day. Thanks for visiting.


Pat said...

I am quite certain that is EXACTLY what Callie is saying about Buddy!!! LOL I love all the redwork pieces you have waiting to be stitched! Good idea to do that.

Teresa said...

I love the new fabric, especially the piece on the right. I can't wait to see you Bow Tucks purse. And I love all the redwork projects you have lined up. My favorite would be the "Fresh Bread" one.

I'll try to get you an email out later. I have Bri today, and she is becoming quite the little diva, lol! Just like her mama!

love you,

Crispy said...

Goodness you HAVE been busy Winona!! Hey, I think I have some the fabric second on the left. I must admit, that is a pretty ugly quilt LOL, but you MUST show your progress with the free motion quilting so we can watch you gain in skill :0)


Aliene said...

Winona, Thanks for commenting on my amatuer throw.
I have it partially quilted. I really want to start a real quilt. I did the Sue Bonnet because my Mom had cut it out without a pattern before she passed away. I felt it was good therapy. I was not planning on this throw until I got the blocks for 25 cents. Then I have another heart and butterflies squares that I did about 5 yrs. ago. I wanted to finish it and then get into the real stuff.
I admire your quilts and stuff you make. Maybe one day I'll be that good. To me a real quilt is one that is done by hand, but who knows ~ I might try the machine.

~JoAnn~ said...

Hi Winona~ I was at Walmart too this past week and also found some fall fabric, it's my favorite season so whenever I see those colors hit the stores I buy whatever I can budget wise because you know in a week it will all be gone. You have been a busy lady, me not so busy..lots of sitting on the couch watching tv. If I spent as much time on crafts I would have hundreds of things done!!
Love the pictures of your little furbabies. Our little puppy Mandy will turn 9 months old on the 29th of August and she is just now figuring out the housetraining thing, it's been a battle but I think we have finally won. all of our animals sleep in bed with us so lucky you to have the crate.

Terry said...

I saw that charm pack quilt along but didn't do it. I might have to save the directions for later! Love the fall fabrics you got too. Fall is coming sooner than we think!

Cathy said...

Hi Winona,
I just LOVE those fall colors!!! Always enjoy reading your blog.
Love you my dear friend,

Posy Linda said...

Hi Winona, I just saw that little kitty wall hanging you made over at Cyndi's Bluebird Swing. It is so pretty!

Janet said...

Buddy is such a poser. Rocco always acts like the camera is going to shoot him. lol I'm going to do my redwork and then sew the block together later too. I didn't like how my fabric frayed out while I was stitching. It felt awkward to work around such a big piece too. We'll see how we like doing it this way. I'm still feeling like crud, so I'm being lazy and reading blogs. Hot and windy here today. Hugs

jillquilts said...

Thanks for the catch up! Your blocks and red work look great! Way to go!! I hope that Buddy and the cats can start getting along, although I am sure that their antics are too funny!

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