Saturday, August 14, 2010

Buddy is doing better.

They say today is the last day of this heat. I so hope they are right.  Highs in the 80's are predicted for all of next week. I am counting on this, so the weather people better get it right. LOL Yesterday was a horrible day for me. I hate thunder and lightning. It stormed all afternoon and evening. I ended up just unplugging things and laying down with Buddy in front of the fan. For some reason, I feel safest in our bed during a storm. (eye roll here) I know that sounds like a child, but that is how it is with me.

Things are going much better with Buddy. I now have him leading on a leash and going to potty outside. A friend emailed me some tips to help with his barking while in his kennel. Really helped. Thanks Jill. We moved his kennel into our bedroom. I was hesitant to do this, because his barking was bad enough while he was in the living room. Kevin thought if he was closer to us, he would settle down. I will have to say, Kevin was right. Last night, we had a little whining, then he settled down for the whole night. Sure was good to get a night's sleep without all that yapping. I really wonder how so much racket can come from such a small dog. LOL

Now on to some quilty stuff. Seems like it has been a while since I posted anything about quilting. (grin) I finished block one of Raggedy and Friends BOM this week. I really am loving this quilt. I do think, though, that from now on I will wait to put the black sashing on after I get the redwork done. I am using Kona  cotton in black. It raveled quite a bit.

Look how cute Annie and Andy are.
I just realized that I need to get those 4 patches done for the Charm Pack Quilt Along. I think she will be posting the next step tomorrow, and I haven't gotten the second step done yet. I plan to work on that in a bit. I am sorry that I haven't been commenting much on posts this week. Having a new puppy has taken it out of me. LOL It is like having a small child. He is always in something. Look what he did to my new package of batting.
I almost cried when I saw this.  Hopefully I will be able to work around the bad areas, so should still get plenty of good out of it. Kevin could not keep a grin off his face when he looked over and saw me standing holding  this with my mouth dropped open. (Big Sigh) The batting is now put up where the brat can't reach it.
I really had forgotten how much work a puppy is, but he is worth it. Callie and Aeris would disagree, though. LOL They are starting to get along better. Aeris pretty much ignores Buddy and Callie has gotten back to going wherever I am. She had quit hanging around me. I think I was being punished. (grin) So things are slowly getting back to normal. I just have to remember to puppy-proof my sewing area. Callie is waiting on me to sew those 4 patches, so I'd better get with it. Don't want to get on her bad side again.
Can't you just hear her saying, 'Come on, mom, quit playing with the dog and let's get to sewing.' LOL
Look at Buddy. All tuckered out. Tearing up mom's batting is hard work. LOL
Well, I'd better get with it. Since things are starting to settle down here, I hope to be back to blogging, reading, and posting like normal next week. I have started hand quilting on Bob's Patriotic Shoo Fly. I have 7 out of 35 blocks done. I am doing a simple outline around the HST's and 'X's' in the squares. Thank you for visiting. Everyone have a good evening.


Cyndi said...

Hi Winona! Your Raggedy and Friends quilt is coming along so nicely -- and is so cute! You did a really nice job on your redwork stitching!

Glad to hear Buddy is doing better (tongue in cheek here! LOL!!!) No really - I think he is doing great. I couldn't help but laugh at your package of batting -- that's what our couch looked like when Noah decided to pull the batting out of it when he was little! He actually destroyed TWO couches, so you're lucky to get off with just batting! And don't worry, the cats will come around and they'll all end up great friends. Buddy is awful cute!

Have a great day tomorrow and I hope you get lots of sewing done!



Teresa said...

Winona, your redwork quilt is so cute! Elizabeth loves Dora the Explorer, so I might see if I can tackle a redwork Dora!

Oh my! That Buddy had a blast with your batting, I'm sure! Sorry, but I just had to laugh! I remember when our black Lab was a puppy, and he would pull all the clothes off the line! He destroyed a set of sheets once! I'm glad Buddy is doing better!

Have a great day tomorrow. Hope you get some quilting done! love you bunches!


Janet said...

Buddy is so cute--you can't be too mad at him. Do you have toys for him to chew on? We are so lucky that Rocco is so good about only chewing on his toys and bones.

I like your Annie. I am working on mine too. I have the top block done, now to do the bottom. I left the black off. I'm glad I did. Some of my strips raveled a little too.

GLad you can get some sleep now.

Granny J said...

Look at that sweet innocent little puppy. lol We have been fortunate and only had one that chewed things. Of course she chewed our clothes! She would only chew things up when she was upset with us but that was bad enough.

I so admire your hand work that you do on your quilts. That is going to be beautiful.

Crispy said...

I'm surprised the cats didn't come and tattle on that darn dog LOL.

The Raggedy Ann & Andy block is really cute!!


jillquilts said...

I'm so glad that I could help out with the cage and barking! It really does help when the dogs see their cage as their own special refuge and not a punishment. Heck, my Maisy is asleep in their cage right now! lol

Too bad about the batting. What a mess! :)

Libby said...

Buddy is so stinking cute! Too bad about the batt. though. Enjoy your "cooler" weather!

Karen said...

I have my Raggedy Ann blocks stitched but have not added the fabric round them. I am anxious for part 2.

Riley said...

Your embroidery is FABULOUS! Raggedy Ann & Andy are going to be wonderful!

Buddy is the cutest little scamp! He will learn!!
OR --- perhaps he will be a good teacher & YOU will learn? :)


Quilting Lab said...

Never been a fan of redwork, but your Raggety is sssooo cute (and well done) I could be a convert!!
Aren't pets a blast!!??!!

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