Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm in a Slump!

Good day to everyone,

I guess you all noticed that I did not post again last week. I am in such a slump. I have not gone this long without quilting since I began, over 3 years ago. I keep thinking I want to do something, but just can't get started. I have not used my sewing machine since Christmas. Well, I did mend a pair of Kevin's jeans, but that doesn't count because I hate mending. LOL  I have even been sitting in front of the tv with nothing in my hands to work on. What is wrong with me? I never do that. Any ideas on how to get my mojo back? About every 3 evenings, I do work on some redwork, but can't even do that consistently. Maybe I just needed a break from crafts, but I want to get back on the ball. Hmm, I have a couple of projects that I need to finish piecing and several flimsies to quilt, but maybe I just need to start a new project. What do you think?

Now after writing all that, I will say that spring is a busy time of the year for us. I have been working outside a lot. I love when it gets warm enough that I can hang my clothes on the line. I do that all spring, summer, and fall. We have been cleaning up after the rough winter, burning, and mowing. I will soon be planting some garden. I use to always have garden planted before the middle of March, but not this year. Last year, spray from the field across the road stunted our garden. We got nothing from it. So this year we decided to wait a little while to plant in hopes that they will get their spraying done before we have anything up. Our old neighbors have passed on and their property sold. The new people are not careful about spraying. We never use to have to worry about spray drift. Those days are gone.

Ok, enough belly aching. I have dishes to do, bananas to use up, meat loaf to fix, and animals to feed. So I will post a few pictures of some redwork, then get with it.
While in KC I started A Tisket a Tasket by Bunny Hill. This was a BOM last year, but I never got around to starting it, so I am only a year behind. LOL

Jan.'s block

Feb.'s block

Mar.'s block

Ok, not sure what is going on, but I am having a terrible time getting my pictures and captions to show up where I want them to. I now have April and May's blocks done, but haven't taken pictures of them yet. I am working on June. 

I need to get busy. This took longer than I expected. I will try to get back later in the week. Everyone have a great day. Thank you for visiting. 


Karen said...

Some new fabric for a new project?

Michelle said...

If you force yourself to do something in the quilting or embroidery department, then you won't have fun. Just relax and do it when you feel like it. We all go through slumps. Some just quilt more than others. I go through spurts. I haven't done much lately either. I have too many other interests that get in the way, same as you. Let up on yourself and relax. be blessed, Michelle

~Joann~ said...

Well Winona Welcome to slumpville, I think I could be president maybe you could be vice president. I haven't done anything since before Christmas and I even just recently got an extension table for my sewing machine paid $120 for it and here it sits....not being used at all but it is real pretty to look at.
Hope you find your mojo soon.

Bren said...

I have hit slumps like that too and I let them happen for short period and then I make myself pick up a project. Pick up something that is almost done, like Birds and Blooms. I can't wait to see that done. Also, use that time to look through some magazines or books for new inspiration....blogs are good for that too. I am in an applique frenzy right now. Maybe a different type of quilting...applique could be the ticket. By the time you get an applique project done, your desire to hand quilt will be back. Glad your desire to blog came back long enough for this post;)

Crispy said...

I've never have a slump for very long, but cruising the fabric stores usually get the juices flowing again, even if I don't buy anything. I have so many different types of projects going now that there is always something that piques my interest and I'm off and running. Maybe something in really bright fabrics and not a big project, something you can get the satifaction of getting done quickly. Good luck in finding your muse again :0)


Libby said...

I love your redwork!! I hit some slumps too! It never fails...when I am busy doing something that I "have" to do, I wish I was sewing but when I have a little time to sew...I do something else!

Have a great day!

Myra said...

I lack mojo many a time myself... in time it returns, even if I have to force it sometimes at times too... This too shall pass... 8-)
Your redwork looks great Winona! Good for you! 8-)

Granny J said...

I love the blocks. It will be really pretty when it's all finished. Don't fret over being in a slump. We all go through those times. When that happens to me I literally close the door on my sewing room until I feel the urge to sew again.

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