Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello everyone,

Do you all remember me? I thought I would be gone for a couple of weeks, but it ended up being a couple of months. I have been in Kansas City watching Noah and Izabella, two of our grandchildren. Their father is from Mexico. He and our daughter flew down there the first part of Feb. Ten days later, Hazel returned to KC, but Ivan went on to Mexico City to visit his family. Hazel had to go back to work and needed someone to take care of the kids for her. So of course, grandma stepped in. (grin)  I got so close to those two little darlings. Noah is 4 and Izzie will be 2 in May. I will admit that at first it was rather hard. After all, I haven't had children that young for at least 18 years, but I soon got used to it.

We had a few bumps along the way, but everyone survived. LOL Not long after I got there, I decided to cut some bangs for Izzie. Her hair is very fine and I couldn't keep a barrette in it. It was always hanging down in her eyes. I made the mistake of cutting them in front of Noah. A few days later I was sitting at the computer when I noticed how quiet it was. Hmm, not good! LOL Noah had pushed a toy up to the kitchen counter and got the scissors down. Yep! He cut the whole right side of Izzie's hair off. I just stood there gasping when I saw her. Noah took off and hid under his sleeping bag. LOL I found him and explained that only adults could cut hair. He must have understood, because he never did it again. His mama wasn't too happy when she saw it, but it will grow back. So Hazel tried to straighten the mess up. Now it looks like a boy's haircut, but it will grow back. Right?

We also had some issues with a certain little girl getting in the bathroom and pouring whole bottles of shampoo in the tub. I think that happened 3 times, till I finally started keeping the door shut. The problem was that Noah would forget to shut it when he pottied.  Then Izzie found the butter I had out softening for grilled cheese sandwiches. Hmm, yes, I had a greasy girl to take care of. LOL But all in all, things weren't too bad. After all, I was there for 2 months.

Hazel and I took them to the park a couple of times when the weather was nice enough. We had lots of snow in this 2 month period, so outings were sparse. They had so much fun on this slide.
This is Hazel, Izzie, and Noah at the park. I had so much fun with the kids, but I was so glad to get back home to my husband and kitties. Kevin did a wonderful job of keeping everything going around here while I was gone. The cats were both mad at me for a few hours after I got home, but were all over me after I went to bed. LOL Something how cats pout.

I got some projects done while I was gone, but not as much as I figured. I spent alot of  my time just playing with the kids. Izzie was fascinated with my hand quilting. She would run her little fingers over the quilted stitches, just like a quilter. I think I have a future quilter in the family. (grin) I keep all of my notions for quilting in a little purple zippered pouch. Goodness. I had to keep that on top of the mantel.  She just could not resist it. LOL  This is the first thing I finished hand quilting. I still need to put the binding on and wash it. The blue you see is a washout pencil. This is a Thimbleberries' pattern, but I can't remember the name. It was a lot of fun and quilted very quickly. Straight lines are easier.  Here is a closeup of the pumpkin block.


Here is a closeup of the star block.
 Finally a picture of the back.Not sure what is going on with the pictures. They are kind of just showing up where they want. LOL
 Whew! I think I have almost gotten through this post. It has been so long, I was afraid I would forget how. As you can see, I finally figured out how to change my blog appearance. I have tried numerous times to change it. Then I tried something new and it worked.(grin) I also updated the pictures of our grandbabies. This year has been rough so far for us. I think things are finally getting back on track. The merry-go-round is slowing down so that I can get off and get back to my normal life. I also want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes to me a little over a month ago. I really did appreciate it. I did not like Hazel's computer, so seldom used it. Besides every time I got on the computer, the kids got into something. Remember the haircut? LOL I hope to be back tomorrow and get into the groove of posting again. I am also trying to catch up with all my blog reading, but it may take a while. So until later...Thank you for visiting. Have a great day.


Michelle said...

Welcome back, Winona!

Pat said...

Welcome back you really appreciate some quiet time for yourself right about now!

Bren said...

Hmmmm....I remember you....vaguely. LOL
I was rolling at the stories of the grandkids. Charlotte use to dump whole bottles of shampoo down the toilet....what a mess! Such wonderful memories for you and the kids.
WE missed you and I am so glad you are back!!! WOOHOO!

Crispy said...

Welcome Home Winona!!! I surely missed your smilin' face :0) Aren't grands the best, even when they are being "busy". Amazing how much more patient we are with them then we were with our kids LOL.


Laurie said...

Welcome Home!!!!! :-)

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