Wednesday, April 28, 2010

202 HST's Later.....


I have been busy working on my Daisy Star. I have worked for a few hours every day this week. Those HST's (half square triangles) are really time consuming for me. I do like the way Judy has you make them a little bigger and trim them down. It does take longer and is another step, but mine are much more accurate. Here is what a pile of 202 HST's looks like. LOL
I use a tip I learned from Bonnie Hunter and pin them together in groups of 10. Makes it much easier to keep track of. These are trimmings from 202 HST's.
I have had quite the struggle with Callie and my cutting mat. She insists on helping. LOL I must have put her down at least 8 times, then just gave up. LOL So I work around a big fluffy cat. I have to bribe her with treats to get a little free time for picture taking. I know, I am a pushover where my baby is concerned. Now that I have all of those HST's done, it is on to making blocks. There are 3 different blocks in this quilt, so I made one of each to make sure everything is going together right. Whew! It is. LOL
 Block A
Block B
Block C
Tomorrow I'm ready to start putting the blocks together. It should go pretty quickly now. I am enjoying this quilt, I only work with my sewing machine for a couple of hours a day. I thought that might keep me from burning out again. I finished quilting Birds and Blooms, but haven't gotten a picture yet. I have 3 projects that are now waiting for bindings. I found a scrap baby quilt that I pieced last summer. I have been quilting very simple lines in it while watching tv. I am enjoying that as well. I think I am officially out of my slump. LOL

It is windy here today and supposed to be worse tomorrow. Kevin says he wants to get some garden space tilled tomorrow. So maybe we will finally get some garden planted. (grin) Supposed to be severe storms coming in Friday. Hmm, that is my grocery day. Figures! I may postpone errand day. I hate driving in storms.

Well, my baby quilt is calling my name, so I'd better get with it. Thank you for visiting. Have a great evening.


Bren said...

Oh goodness! Your post and mine are so similar today. I worked on my machine too and Sass was right there with me just like Callie was for you!
Your blocks look wonderful. I love to trim up the half squares too. That is A LOT of half squares!! The blocks look fun. I can't wait to see it all done! So thrilled you are out of that nasty slump!

Leah S said...

Looking good! And it motivated me to cut my HSTs out too. Perhaps I'll even get a moment or two to sew them together tonight. :)

Karen said...

I like to group parts also in 10's or 20's to help keep track of how many I need to go yet.

Jenny said...

I love HSTs, just started using them!

Crispy said...

WOW that's a LOT of HST's!! I look forward to seeing what these blocks look like together :0)


Granny J said...

I love the colors in the quilt blocks. Your plan sounds like a good one. I do a little sewing, then a little crocheting, then some craft painting. Nothing for a whole day. It takes longer to complete one project but by doing that I don't burn out and just set it aside. I can't wait to see that scrap baby quilt when it's finished.

Libby said...

Beautiful Blocks!! My Ruby puts a halt to my hand quilting all the time!! I LOVE patterns that have you make the block a little larger and trim down!! I don't mind the extra step to get a "perfect" block!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Okay, Winona- you just HAD to go and put that gorgeous rooster quilt for your header picture just to taunt me, didn't you?! *giggle*
I love the new quilt- those blocks look very complicated to me. The colors are gorgeous. You didn't sew the sat up in it, did you? LOL
I've missed you- I'm trying to get back into my blogging routine but it's hard staying inside right now. Friday is my errand/grocery day too... I'm such a homebody, I dread it. Isn't that crazy? Well, better go for now- take care!

Farm Chick Paula said...

I meant to say "sew the CAT up in it" on my last comment... JEEZ when will I learn to SPELLCHECK before I hit the post comment button? *LOL*

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