Monday, February 23, 2009

Some finishes and some bags.

I haven't blogged in several days. The tooth getting pulled has kind of kicked my behind. It is so sore that I can hardly eat. I am still mainly eating soup, jello, and pudding. My dentist warned me that this would be a painful healing since the root of my tooth had a knot on the end of it. He was right. I am now wondering if I should have taken him up on his offer of pain meds. Oh well, it has been 5 days now. Surely I am over the worst of it. So much for my low carb eating. I have been afraid to even get on the scales. When you are living on soups, it is hard to eat low carb. Oh well, I will deal with the diet when I feel better. (grin)

I sewed the binding on the cat quilt and now I am working on the tulip quilt. It has been lots of fun so far. I still have better than half of the Savannah Star to quilt, but I'll get back to it. Here is the finished Cat Quilt.
I really like the way this little quilt turned out. Since it is all machine quilted, I won't show you a picture of the back. While trying to take it easy, I have been going through some UFO's. I found this table topper that I machine quilted and just wasn't pleased with, so I put it away. I decided to do some hand quilting on it and finish it up. I call this table topper 'Midnight Rainbow'.
Here is a closeup of the little bit of hand quilting that I did on this project. I did this in 4 spots. It will actually make a cute table topper for a round table.
The fabric is actually much brighter than the picture shows. I just wish I had hand quilted the project, but it is finished. Here is the back. This weekend was so cold. The wind was really blowing and it was 3* when we got up on Saturday morning. I think it warmed up to about 25*, but the wind sure didn't make it feel like that. My dh and I took the truck and went to town. He needed more parts for the car, to get some cutting torch gas, and I needed groceries. We got everything we needed and started home. We were about 1 mile away from home (God is so good. This could have happened on I-29!)when the truck started making a funny noise. My dh drove really slow so we could get home. Can you believe it, the wheel bearing went out on the front driver's side? So this meant that we now had no way to go anywhere. Dh was determined to get the car fixed or he would have no way to get to work today. He worked hard most of yesterday and finally got the car fixed. I helped a little, but he kept sending me back into the house. He knew I wasn't feeling well. So the car is on the road, but the pickup is down. He is picking up the bearings today and will work on the truck this week. I am so tired of things breaking down around here, but I guess that is life. (sigh)
Since I was basically in the house by myself all weekend, I decided to make a little bag. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I started out with a pattern, but soon discarded it for my own ideas. I think it turned out cute. The outside is made from a charm pack. The oringinal pattern didn't have any pockets, but I love pockets, so I put pockets inside of it. I am debating on whether to fix a little strap over the top of it for a fastener. I could make a tiny strap of fabric and sew a shank button on the opposite side. I think that would work ok. It was supposed to have a zipper, but I didn't want to put one in it. Here is a picture of the inside. See my pockets?
I plan to make some more of these, but will tweak it some more. I may also make some a little bigger. I decided to try another bag this morning. I don't like this bag, so doubt that I will make another one. It is from a pattern I found online. I pretty much followed directions, but didn't like the way it went together. I also added an outside pocket and appliqued a bird onto the front of it. There is a pocket on the inside and one on the outside. It is pretty little. I think it is about 6"X6 1/2" and 3 inches deep.
It is warmer today. I keep hoping spring is here. I guess I just need to be patient. LOL I want to work some more on the tulip quilt tonight. I have been in the bag making mood the past few days. I just may try another bag when I get off here. I have some ideas buzzing around in my head. My dh laughed at me yesterday afternoon. I was playing aroung on my EQ6 and have come up with so many projects that I want to do. I just kept printing templates out. He asked me when I was going to quit planning and start doing. LOL If I just didn't have to sleep! LOL I hope you all have a great day. Thank you for visiting and please come again.


Coleen said...

I love the bags,the topper and the cute cat quilt.
I hope your tooth feels much better.

Cathryn said...

Hey Mom I think you may need A fabrics anonymous Meeting. Hope your tooth feels better by now. I am sorry the truck broke to. The kids and I are still fighting the nastiest flu I have ever had. Ashton is going on day 8 of 102 fever and A got up this morning with it to. Hopefully it is not as bad for her as it was for Ashton.

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