Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Slow Tuesday

I never did make it to JoAnn's. I guess you could say that was my dh's Valentine gift. LOL I didn't make him drive me through all the traffic in his old truck. It has a clutch, so kind of difficult in heavy traffic. I told him I would catch their next sale. Not like they never have them. LOL We went to a local deli and I got some chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks (oh my, those mozzarella sticks are so yummy!) and dh got some chicken gizzards. We were both quite content. He left the decision on going to Ryan's up to me. I decided I would overeat there. I know the deli stuff wasn't real healthy, but sure was good. We spent most of the rest of the weekend working on the car. I am the 'go-for'. Dh hopes to have it back on the road by this weekend.

I decided to do a fun project on Sunday evening, so I whipped this up.
I basically took a couple of different quilt patterns, mixed them, and changed a few things to come up with this. I have the binding sewn on ready to handsew on the back. I plan to do that this evening. Look at this picture. The cat quilt is hanging over my machine and if you look right over the top of it, you will see Callie's nose. I didn't even realize she was back there till I was looking at my pictures. I think it is cute. I have been busy the past couple of days. I decided yesterday that I wanted to see my desk again. It was piled high with fabric in sacks that I hadn't folded and put away yet. I didn't take a picture of the mess. I really didn't want anyone seeing that, although it might have made me do better about organization. (grin) I spent over an hour folding fabric around my 6 inch wide ruler. Then I piled it all on my cutting mat. Can you believe all of this was on my desk?
In the back on the right, I have 2 stacks that have fabric of 2 yards or more . I have a couple of stacks of 1 yard pieces, a stack of 1 1/2 yard pieces, a stack of 1/2 yard pieces, a stack of 1/4 yard pieces, at least 3 stacks of fat quarters, and a jelly roll. Whew! The last thing I need is more fabric. I also have at least 5 bins of scraps leftover from previous projects. I really need to make some scrappy projects. I had to clean some stuff off my shelves to make room for all of this fabric. So I worked hard yesterday, but dh noticed and commented on how nice things were looking. (grin)

I also got the quilting lines drawn on the tulip quilt and have it sandwiched. It is ready to quilt, but I am trying to hold off till I get the Savannah Star done. Not sure if I will make it though. This one just looks like it will be so much fun to hand quilt. When I do small quilts, I usually just use pins to baste the layers together.
Doesn't this look like fun to quilt? I have lots of handwork ready. Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. So I know I will not be too energetic for a couple of days. I plan to just sit, watch tv, and quilt for the rest of the week. Not much more that I dread than going to the dentist, but I don't particularly like pain either. I will just be glad when tomorrow is over.

Look how my sweet potato has grown. I should be able to start pinching the slips off soon. I started this on Feb. 1st, so it has really taken off. The other one has not done as well, but it is growing too.

Tonight is the Biggest Loser. So I will be sitting in my rocker, quilting away, while watching tv. I only lost 1 pound last week. The deli stop might have contributed to this, but it was good! LOL I hope to do better at my next weigh in. My goal was to lose 10 lbs in Feb. So far I have lost 9, so I am happy. I think I will go watch the rest of Judge Judy. Thank you for visiting and please come again. If you think about it, I would sure appreciate prayers for me to be brave tomorrow.


~Bren~ said...

I will certainly be praying for you tomorrow. I got a wisdom tooth pulled not too long ago and it was quick and painless....after MUCH novacaine, though a wisdom tooth takes extra. Pick a verse of scripture and take it with you...say it over and over in your heart and it will bring you peace. I wish I could go with you and hold your hand...I would ya know!

The little cat quilt is adorable! Yes, it looks fun to quilt.
I do not know anything about the sweet potato, but it sure looks like it is doing what it is suppose to!

~Bren~ said...

Oh, and ah...NO....you do NOT need ANY more fabric!!!!

Laurie said...

Oh I love the cat quilt Winona and the tulip one looks so cheery and spring like. You do such amazing work!!!
Great job on folding the fabric :-)
I had my 4 wisdom teeth all pulled in one sitting then went back to drive my school bus that afternoon. I'm nuts I know lol.


Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ I will definatley be praying for you at the dentist. I too don't like going at all,I agree with Bren, think of a verse and just say it over and over. I am sure it will fill you with peace. I did that when I had to have some oral surgery done last year. You and I have been doing the same thing, folding fabric, doesn't it seem like it takes forever. I will be posting some pictures later today of what I have gotten done so far in putting the craft room back together. I love the tulip quilt and the cat one, of course I love cats!!

Jacky O said...

I just love the little cat quilt! So cute and original!
Jacky O

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