Thursday, February 26, 2009

I feel better!

I feel better today than I have in over a week. Having the tooth pulled has been so rough on me, but I didn't even wake up during the night needing pain meds last night. I think I have finally turned the corner on this. I haven't done much of anything for 8 days, but sit and quilt or read and watch tv. I did manage to keep the necessary things done, but no extras. My hubby was so sweet and told me to do nothing but take care of myself so I could heal. I am still really sore, but the pain isn't throbbing and is controlled with Tylenol. (grin) It feels so good to be getting back to normal. I haven't even been on the computer much in the past week. So I am sorry if any of you were having problems leaving comments. Milah and Bren both emailed me to tell me I had a problem. I hope it is fixed now. If not, then I don't know what to do. LOL Thanks ladies for giving me a warning.

Look what I received in the mail this morning. Milah had four of these and offered up a challenge to 4 quilters to come up with a baby quilt using this pannel any way we wanted. I took her up on it and she sent the panel to me. I have some ideas already. I need to have it done by Easter.
Isn't this just darling? Here is a closeup of one of the blocks. Sorry about the wrinkles. I was so excited when I got it that I grabbed my camera and took a picture before ironing it. (grin) Thank you Milah! I love these prints.
I finished sewing the binding on the Tulip quilt a little while ago. I am trying to use up my scrap batting so the batting for this little quilt was thicker than I usually use for wall quilts. It turned out pretty good, though. It was fun quilting. Here is a closeup of the tulips. Of course, it wouldn't be one of my projects without showing the back.(grin) Doesn't this make you think of spring?
I had my fabric all folded and put away, then decided to see how many projects that I have started, but not finished. I found 6 bins with started projects and that is just the ones that were easy to get to. So now I have them all drug out. I have 3 baby quilts started (not counting the panel Milah sent me) and some table runners and a couple of large quilts. These bins are stacked up around my ironing board, so it is a tight fit, but if I don't leave them in my way I won't get them finished. (grin) I started on K's beagle quilt. I have the center square fused on, but have to do the embroidery on it yet. I think I am going to do a hand blanket stitch around the pieces. I also started on the borders. I am doing a different border than I have ever done before. I tried using templates. Do you draw around them or what? Didn't like that. So then I tried rotary cutting them, but it was an odd angle and let's just say I didn't have enough patience. So I am paper piecing these borders. The whole quilt will only be abut 30" square, so not alot of paper piecing, but I cringe with each piece because it wastes so much fabric. (sigh) Here is the center square. I think it will look better once I have the embroidery done on it. I think my dh will love it. I have half of the paper piecing done, only 12 more blocks to go. I hope to get the main quilt together tomorrow, then I can start working on the quilting next week while dh is at work. I just heard on the tv that winter is coming back. Not sure what that means, but hoping it doesn't mean snow. I am all prepped and ready for spring. LOL We got the wheel bearing put back in the pickup, so both vehicles are now in working order again. I am so blessed to be married to a mechanical man. He has saved us so much money over the years. When I say 'we', you of course know that I really mean dh. LOL I am just the 'go-for', but it saves him time and steps. Next on the list of repairs, is our Troy tiller. For some reason it won't start. Dh doesn't seem to think it is serious, so I am sure he will get it fixed in time for my spring planting.
I guess that is it for today. I hope to be back on the ball again with my blog, because I really do enjoy writing it. I do want to send out some hugs and get well wishes for Ashton and Ava. They have been sick with a nasty flu bug for the past week. Sure hope you both feel better real soon. Grandma and Grandpa are sending you lots of love.
Everyone have a great evening. Thanks for visiting and thank you to everyone who asked about my tooth problems and/or said a prayer for me. I appreciated all of it. Please visit again.


Christine said...

Hi Winona,

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm working on one of Milah's panels too. This is going to be fun! I can't wait to see what we all end up with.

Janice said...

Everything looks amazing and I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. What a miserable experience you had. Have a good evening.

~Bren~ said...

I am so glad your mouth is better. A sore mouth is about as miserable as it gets!
Your tulip quilt is gorgeous.
I got my panel too and my wheels are turning. I was planning on leaving the pink around the pictures, but I think that will not be possible. I will just have to compromise somehow and add my own pink in there.
Your beagle looks great. How did you do that? Did you trace a picture?
It is snowing here this morning. It rained and was almost 50 yesterday and now the howling winds have brought in the cold and snow!!
I am so ready for Spring!

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