Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am doing it again!

I can't believe I am going to do all these BOMs and Quiltalongs again. I am still not done with 2012's BOMs. LOL I guess I should just leave the computer off during January so I am not tempted. LOL I had decided that I would just do 2 this year. Hmmm, so far I am up to five. Oh well, at least most of them are just once a month. Surely I can get my blocks done and move on to the other things I need to do. They all have links over on my sidebar if you are interested in any of them.

Let's see, I really should be working on a small tote bag for Miss Ava Beth. Her birthday is the 17th. She is a huge fan of the Jayhawks. I bought Jayhawk fabric to make this for her, so I really need to get it done since I also have to mail it.  I'm just not feeling bags at the moment. LOL 

I also decided that I wanted to do some counted cross stitch bookmarks this year for some friends. Hmm well, I bought a book on counted cross stitch bookmark designs. Does that count?  
I also just received the book and needles I ordered for learning to knit socks. I have put that on hold for a couple of weeks, till I can get caught up with some other stuff. 
 Do you see my sweet Buddy's little head above the yarn? (grin) 

I am almost done with the hand quilting on my Raggedy Annie and Friend's quilt. I am on the last block, then just have a 3 1/2 inch border to do a simple design on and the binding. Then this quilt will be done. 

If I have any intentions of getting the Carpenter's Star quilt done for mom's 75th birthday, I really need to get with it. Also would like to get started on a quilt for my niece who is getting married in October. I have considered using the quilt along quilt for that. If I pick the right colors, it could work. 

Also, I just started a new 3 week diet to see what food allergies I might have. Kevin bought JJ Virgin's book, The Virgin Diet, just before Christmas. I finally got around to reading it and decided to give this a shot. So for 3 weeks I will eat no soy, corn, peanuts, eggs, dairy, gluten, or sugar/sugar substitutes. After 3 weeks, I am supposed to add them back to my diet, one at a time and see how my body reacts. I won't lie. This has been a struggle. I have had trouble even eating 1000 calories daily on this diet. Mainly because I am eating so much fiber, it fills me.  Today is better, because I started eating every 2-3 hours. I am already up to almost 8oo calories. I still have supper, and maybe even an evening snack. Wish me luck. Three weeks is not that long. I only have 17 days left. Yea!

Well, I did not intend to write a book. I think I am caught up now.  Thanks for visiting. You all come back, please. 



Michelle said...

I'll be very curious to hear about your diet. Would it be hard to follow if you are away from home all day?

Just Ramblin' said...

Why is it we always say we aren't going to get involved in more projects and then we just can't resist and sign up for more. I do that all the time. Like your idea of
doing bookmarks as gifts for friends. I definitely thinking buying the book counts! Good luck with the diet and finding out if you have food allergies. Nola

Paula said...

Winona~ I'm so far behind I didn't even know you had been posting... so good o see you back on here again!!
Sounds like you have a lot of projects planned... I would love to set goals for doing some myself, but first I would like to do the ones I didn't get around to last year. *hahaha*
Your diet sounds interesting... everything you had to cut out is what I eat almost every day.
I'm off to check out your other posts... ((HUGS))

Lisa said...

Like others, I too have WAY too many projects planned this year. So good to see you blogging! I hope you got some answers from the Virgin diet.

Oh, and be careful knitting those socks. They are ADDICTING!!!! :)

Many blessings!

Rhonda said...

Greetings Winona! I hadn't visited with you in awhile. Looks like you have got it all planned out. Good for you. Take care, my friend!!

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