Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

I certainly hope this year is better than 2012 was. I lost one of my cousins in June. Dave was only 53. He died of heart failure. I miss him. He was such a good man. He never married or had a family of his own, but everyone in our small town loved him. 

We also lost Midget, our old Norwegian Elkhound. He was 14 years old. such a good old boy. He was always my shadow. I cried all day the day we lost him. I still miss him. Rest in peace old boy.
 We lost both of my female rabbits. Sassy and Sara were both due to have babies when the terrible heat wave hit. I did everything I could think of, but I couldn't save them. Now Sammy is a pet. I just haven't had the heart to get any more rabbits. I guess raising rabbits isn't for me. Sam will just be my pet. 

We had a terrible problem with coons getting our chickens. They were literally tearing our chicken house roof off and pulling the chickens off the roost. We spent a couple of weeks stalking the chicken house during the night. Even bought a baby monitor and put it in the coop. We finally had to put tin down over the shingles of the roof to keep the coons out. We lost 3 roosters and 3 pullets before we got this stopped. Didn't lose any ducks. I guess they are too noisy.  So now I have 8 hens, 2 roosters, 2 drakes, and 7 duck hens. We bought waterers that I plug in to keep the water from freezing. Choring in the winter is not easy. 

So as you can see, 2012 was not kind to us. I am hoping and praying for a much better 2013!  I have made some goals that I hope to reach this coming year. Of course, not all of 2012 was bad. I decided at the end of Sept. that I had to lose some weight and start getting healthy. Since then, I have lost almost 20 lbs. I have been exercising and feel much better. The holidays have been rough, but I actually have done better this year than ever before, on not eating lots of junk. LOL  Kevin joined me on the weight loss journey. He has lost over 40 lbs. Yeah, I know! Guys lose faster that girls. Not really fair, is it. LOL

My goals for 2013
 1. Get healthy
 2. Lose 50 lbs
 3.Learn to knit socks. I have a book and knitting needles ordered. 
 4.Make a Carpenter Star for mom's 75th birthday.
 5.Make a quilt for my niece and her fiance who are getting married in October. 
 6.Finish up the 2012 BOMs that I fell behind in.
 7.Raise a large vegetable garden.
 8.Get back into juicing at least once a day. 
 9.Last but not least by any means, read my Bible more consistently.

  This is a pretty good list for me. Now to just stick with it. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe new year. We are getting a snow storm here, so hopefully most people will stay in off the roads tonight.  


Terry said...

I hope 2013 brings you all you wish for and more! :0)

Michelle said...

Wishing you a happy and successful 2013!

Shelley said...

Yeah, those nasty coons are smart! Love your list for the year.Congrats on the weight loss... I too want to lose 50! Happy 2013 and I'm sure you can do all the things on your list:)

Just Ramblin' said...

Wow! You certainly had a difficult year. 2013 can only get better for you. You have some wonderful goals and I know you can reach them. I, too, wanted to lose weight and since September of 2012 I have lost 50 pounds. Probably the easiest thing I have done as I decided to do a healthy lifestyle change and not DIET as such. I have a couple of websites that have really helped me.
I have also made a list of projects that I want to get finished. I have set three categories of goals. Usually I do not set goals, but I'm trying this year. They are: Spiritual, Personal and Projects. Anyway, best of luck to you in reaching these great goals. I know you can do it! Nola

Jenny said...

Hi Winona, hope you reach all your goals in 2013. Hope your year is better than last too xx

Paula said...

I'm so sorry about the tough losses last year year, Winona~ your 2012 sounded like our 2011.... we lost so many chickens to a fox (and most of them were my favorite hens...*ugh*) and we lost our dog Smokey, and even lost one of our ewes. Needless to say, I was glad when 2011 came to a close for us.
I love your list~ a couple of them are on my list for 2013 too like getting healthy and reading my Bible more.
Hooray on losing 20 pounds~ I'm so proud of you!!

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