Thursday, June 28, 2012

Handmade Gift Exchange

It is so hot here right now. They are saying we have not had temps in the 100s in June since 1988. Well, we have had several this year. I believe it is right at 106* right now. Way too hot for me. The heat with the little amount of rain we have had is going to do in the garden, I am afraid. I have been spending my days sitting in the a/c doing some embroidery. It is too hot to have a quilt in my lap.

I joined a Handmade gift exchange this month. I sent my gift off to my giftee last weekend, so I am hoping she has received it by now. Anyway, I figured I'd share it with you all. I found the pattern for this little wall quilt in the Summer 2011 copy of Fons and Porter's Easy Quilts. It is called Tweet Others with Kindness by Kelly Mueller. I think it turned out pretty cute.
Here it is on the back of our front door.
I did a hand blanket stitch around each applique piece with Perle cotton. I hand quilted it. Here is the back. It is hard to see the quilting because the backing is so busy. Oh well. As you can see, I even put hangers and a label on it.
I hope my giftee likes it. I need to check on the animals' waterers  so I will go ahead and post this. Thanks for visiting. Please come again. Have a good evening.


~JoAnn~ said...

really like the colors on this little quilt . I especially like the little label on the back . try to stay nice and cool . blessings joann

Lynn said...

So cute, I wish it was coming my way!

Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

Nice job! The colors of this quilt will work well all year round! :)
Happy Day!

Bren said...


Paula said...

Winona~ it's finally cooled down a little here... I hope it has for you too by now! We're not used to it being 106 here in Tennessee... it has been miserable. But, we got some rain this week, and I've been thanking the Lord for that. Hope you are getting some too.
Love the quilt~ that fabric on the back is simply gorgeous! Did it come from JoAnn's, or was it a kit? And I love the little label you made for the back, that is very sweet.
By the way, would you care to mail me your address? I have a little something I think you might like. :)

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