Sunday, October 24, 2010

One of My Winnings Arrived

I receive the panel that I won from Inchworm Fabrics this past week. It is so cute. It is called Cut Blossum Lane Panel. I don't usually work with these colors, but I really like this. Not really sure what I will make with it. That will probably be a winter project. Thank you, so much Jeanette. I love it.
Sorry I didn't iron it before taking the picture, but I wanted to fold it back up till I am ready for it. Isn't this a cute and cheerful panel?  I was in JoAnn's on Friday to pick up another spool of red Gutermann hand quilting thread and just happened to see a fat quarter bundle of bright fabric. I used my 50% off coupon  so it only cost me $5 for this cute bundle of fabric. It is pretty good fabric too, not the best, but definitely not the worst.
Don't you think these go good with the panel?  I need to get my thinking cap on to create something with the panel and these fat quarters. These bright colors are starting to grow on me. (grin)

Of course, while I was in JoAnn's I had to check out their red tagged fabrics. They were 50% off the red tag. I found this brown polka dot fabric and just love it. It only cost me $2.50 per yard and is from the Stonehill Collection. It is a nice quality fabric. I bought 2 yards. They had buy one get one free on the thread, so I got my red and then picked up a color I use a lot.
It has been a gloomy weekend. It rained hard all night Friday night.  Saturday was muddy and very windy. It got up to 75*, though.  It is still windy today, but the clouds have moved back in and it is chillier out. So this has been a mostly inside weekend. We did get some work done yesterday, but Kevin just wanted to rest today. I have been working on another Bow tucks bag and piddling on the computer.

Noah has gotten into the habit of wanting to talk to me every time his mama calls. I so enjoy those little talks. I put his grandpa on yesterday. Oh my, Kevin was so happy to talk to our little man. Then Izzie has to get on the phone. She doesn't say a word, but bye-bye at the end. So cute. So I talk to her and she listens, then tells me bye-bye. (grin) Haze had parent/teacher conference last week. Noah's teacher says he is doing great. Really good news for us. He is so shy, I was worried about him. He still needs to work on the shyness thing, but does great on all the work.

I made chili on Friday and bought lunch meat, hot dogs, and chips. I haven't had to cook all weekend. (big grin) Not the healthiest meals, but sure easy.

I think I will go work on the BT bag some more. I am ready to put it together. I am getting faster at them. Thank you so much for visiting. I am trying to get back to responding to my comments. I got so behind during the Fall into Fall giveaway time period that I decided to just start over. Thank you for all that left birthday wishes for our Jonny. He says thanks too. Everyone have a great day and please come again.



Laura said...

Wow, that panel is great! I love the design and the colors and the fabrics you got go perfectly!

Zlaty said...

I just love the panel! The fabric bundle you picked up will go perfect with it!
Congrats on your winnings!

Terry said...

What a pretty panel! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it! :0)

Julie Fukuda said...

I had to chuckle that your new panel managed to increase your stash by that much more... to say nothing of the to-do list!

Crispy said...

Oooo pretty panel!! The new fabrics will go so lovely with it :0)

We being advised of a winter storm coming Tuesday night....Oh Joy LOL.


Barb said...

Yes, I think they will go really really well....

I have a few panels, will be interested to see what you do.

Shelley said...

Very pretty fabrics Winona! and some great buys!

Beth said...

That is a really cute panel, Winona! It reminds me of some fabric my mom made my comforter from when I was a little girl! (It was actually just sheets and she made curtains and a comforter from them!)
Have a lovely day!

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