Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Jon!

Today our baby turned 22! Wow! Hard to believe that our baby is 22 years old. Seems like just yesterday he was running around aggravating his older sisters and brother. LOL I have very few pictures of him on this computer. He is like his dad and does not like to have his picture taken.
Happy birthday darling. Your dad and I hope you  have a good one. We love you. Wish we could spend the day with you. Throw those nasty cigarettes away!

I have 2 more Bow Tucks bags done except for the handwork. (sewing the button on and whip stitching the bottom of the lining together. I made these two at the same time. Probably won't do that again. I think I like getting one done quicker.
Here is the inside of one of them.
I will try to get the handwork done this evening while watching Biggest Loser. Then again, I may decide to just do some mindless quilting on Jeremy's quilt. I now am at the half way mark on the blocks. This one is going quickly, but it is mostly straight line quilting. That does go fast.

I started another Bow Tucks bag today. This one is mainly reds. I have the front and back quilted. I may work on it some more in a minute. What do you think? I haven't made the front pocket yet, but it is laying on top.

Well, that is it for me today. It got down into the mid-30's last night, but still no frost where we are. It is kind of chilly today at 65*, but it is the time of year when it is supposed to be cooling down. I need to get off here now. Thanks for visiting. Please come again and have a great day.

Jonny, once again, we love you, babe.


Pat said...

Happy Birthday to your son. (I agree about the cigarettes, too!!!)

Teresa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jon! The Bow Tucks are lovely Winona! I really like the fabric in the first picture. Love you.


Julie Fukuda said...

My "baby" is also Jon but considerably older than 22. I hope he had a good one.
I think your bags look very handy with pockets and all. A friend (former Scout)gave me a very handy bag that I use all the time but it is bright pink. The pinks you have selected are much nicer.I have to admit the greens are more my thing. I have considered over-dying my pink bag with green to see if that would tone it down. On the other hand, I can always find it and it reminds me of the boy who got it for me.

Cynthia L. said...

Happy Birthday to your son. I am not sure how they grow up so fast, mine is 19. I like the fabric with the coffee cups on it! Your bags are really nice!

cozythyme said...

Your bags are so lovely. Nancy

Granny J said...

Happy Birthday to your son. I need to find the pattern for the bow tucks bag. That looks like something that would make good gifts. Love the colors you've chosen for them, especially the last one.

Crispy said...

The bags are great!! Love the one with the flower fabric :0)

Happy Belated Birthday Jon!!


Bren said...

I LOVE those latest BowTucks bags. The polka dots and flowers on that one are SO cute!
Happy Birthday to your sweet Jon. I wish my son would get rid of his nasty sticks too.
I was disappointed in Loser last night....that team could have been my favorite if they were not so mean and game-playing.

Cathi said...

Those Bow Tucks bags are just fantastic! Happy belated birthday to your son!

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