Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grandma Brag Time!

Good evening,

I guess I skipped over all of our Christmas get togethers.  So I decided I would post a few pictures of our grandbabies that I took at various Christmas gatherings. After all, can you ever brag too much about your grandbabies? LOL No! Don't answer that. LOL

The first few were taken at Mom's celebration. Our family has grown so much, that we have to meet at a Lion's Club building. You should have seen us all the last time we tried to gather in her little apartment. It wasn't pretty. I'm surprised someone wasn't stepped on. LOL The small kids had to literally play under the tables that mom had set up. LOL 

Anyway, here are Noah and Izabella. I thought this was such a cute picture. Noah is taking good care of his baby sister.

Ashton and Noah playing together.

Aunt Cathryn holding Madison with Ashton looking on with Maddie's daddy in the background.

Uncle Isaiah is always ready to rough the kids up. Ava loves it.
We had our family Christmas celebration at Carolyn's and Bob's house on New Year's Day. We were all in the middle of a blizzard on Christmas day.  Here is Aunt Hazel holding Ashton with, Uncle Isaiah, Ava, and Noah in the background.

 Madison was fascinated with the tree. Here she is sitting on her daddy's knee.

Izzie loved her new red gloves.

Ava took time out of her busy schedule to smile for me. (grin)

Noah always smiles at Grandma.

Here they are opening the stockings I made for them. I wrapped each little thing with lots of tape. Hehe, it took them quite a while to get everything unwrapped!

Well, I guess that is enough bragging for one post. I don't really know how to explain it, but I have such a love in my heart for our grandbabies. I am sure most grandparents feel this way. All I have to do is think of one of them, see a picture, or get a phone call and I am all smiles for the rest of the day. Not many things better than having grandchildren. I have time to play with them now where, I didn't always have that time when our children were growing up. Also our kids can tell you this. The grandchildren get away with a lot more than they did. LOL  Grandparents are supposed to spoil them. Right? I am doing a good job! 
I'll be back tomorrow with some more crafty stuff. No more bragging, I promise. (grin) Thanks for visiting and putting up with me today.


Pat said...

They are all so very cute!

Myra said...

Wonderful family photos Winona!
You have a beautiful family! 8-)

Della said...

Beautiful kids. I'm assuming Ava's curls are natural. My oldest granddaughter has hair exactly like that.

~Joann~ said...

Winona~ Loved all the pictures,you can brag all you want to!! you have beautiful grandchildren. I hope your weather is better now.

Crispy said...

I loved seeing pictures of grandkids. Even if they aren't mine, they make me smile. Brag away Gramma :0)


Libby said...

Your grandkids are so cute! My oldest is only 19 and no where near ready for children but I am excitied to think about grandkids!!

I LOVE Ava's hair! She is stunning!!

tiffibug said...

I can't believe how big they are getting!

~Bren~ said...

I meant to comment on this post and never got back to it. I wanted to say I can not believe how BIG Izzie has gotten. She is not a baby any more! Thank goodness Madison came along to fill that void!
All the grandkids look beautiful. What a great bunch to brag about. I never get tired of Grandma braggin!!!

Wykate said...

It sure was wonderful to see new pictures of your family!

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