Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is It still 2010?

Good afternoon,

I took an unexpected blog break. Lots has happened since my last post, but I will start with it and slowly update. I stayed at Carolyn's and Bob's house all week. Kevin tried to get home on Thursday but the roads were  just too bad. He ended up sitting in the car for several hours, then followed a plow truck back to his work. He couldn't even get to our daughter's house. The roads were just too bad. I didn't get much sleep that night, worrying about him. He did make it in to our daughter's house on Friday night. We stayed the night, then packed up and started home on Saturday morning. I think that was the 9th. We figured we would have to walk the last mile on the gravel, but hoped the main roads and black top were cleared. We found that even the main road had spots where there was only one lane traffic due to the huge drifts. I had my camera, but forgot to take pictures.

Sure enough, the gravel road was packed full. So I got out and started walking while Kevin found a place to park. We met our neighbors walking out as we were walking in. Their teenage daughter helped me through some of the deeper drifts. I tried to pick the best route, around the neighbors' yard and across the field. Even then, it took us about 2 hours to get home. Have I said lately that I am out of shape? LOL  I got back to the house, only to find a huge drift in front of our door. It was about eye level to me in the highest point. So I decided to wait for Kevin. Of course our snow shovel was a mile away in the trunk of the car. So Kevin used his hands and feet to try to break a path through for us. Then of course, I fell, rear first in the drift. My legs were like rubber and I could not get up. My husband had to literally haul me out of the drift. We finally got in and changed into dry clothes. My kitties were not happy with us. Aeris wouldn't even let me pet her. LOL Anyway, within an hour of getting home, the grader came through and opened our road. We both just had to laugh. I took a 4 hour nap after our walk. (grin)

We got up Sunday and decided to go get some groceries and stock up on pet food. I took pictures this time. (grin) This was one of the deepest drifts. It was over my waist. Of course, this is after the grader
 went through.

This was our black top. You can see where the state truck was still trying to push some drifts. This was one of the one lane areas.

This was the road leading up to our house. You can see our house on the left. I walked across those ridges on the right to avoid the road when we were walking in.

We had a couple of more times when the wind got up and blew the snow back in the road. Thankfully our county has been on the ball this winter, and we haven't had to walk anymore.

A few days after getting home, I came down with a full blown tooth infection. It was bad. The side of my face was really swollen. Since I was running a fever, my dentist wouldn't do anything but suggest antibiotics. So I took them for several days, then ended up having 2 teeth pulled. I was lucky because the abscess came out with the tooth. Since the tooth next to it was bad, I had him just go ahead and pull it. I am working on getting dentures anyway.  I stopped the antibiotics too soon and then had a sinus infection. I am finally feeling human again. I will just say that 2010 has not been kind to me so far. I am hoping that I am getting all the bad stuff over with at the beginning of the year, and the rest will be smooth sailing. (grin)

Now on to some crafty things.... If you remember, I said that I was going to make a lap quilt for Carolyn's BIL who made my porch chair for me. I finished it up during the Christmas blizzard. He loved it.

I made it simple with simple quilting. It ended up being bigger than lap size, but he is a tall man. Here is another view.

 I had planned to buy a flat sheet for the backing, but then I started figuring out how much fabric I had left from the front. Hmm, I had enough to make a pieced back. It took almost every bit of fabric that I had purchased, but it is a reversible quilt. (grin)

I have worked on several other projects this month, but will have to show them to you in upcoming posts. I hope to be back tomorrow. My one year blogging anniversary has come and gone and I am almost ready for my 100th post. So I am working on some sort of giveaway. I will let you all know when I am ready for it. Everyone have a nice day. Thank you for visiting.


Coleen said...

It sounds like you had quite an adventure. I'm glad you're alright and back safely! I hope the kitties have gotten over it by now.

I love the quilt!

Pat said...

Oh, my goodness...I'm glad you go to your house safely as you might have NOT. Sorry about the teeth. My mouth has lots of bad teeth from years of not being able to afford the dentist (still can't) so I hope I can survive with them this way...otherwise, I'll have to get them all pulled at some point...UGH.

~Bren~ said...

Loved your post. It was so nice talking to you the other day. When you go this long without posting I need a Winona fix!! LOL
Our Hope passed away last night. She sure did touch our lives in a way I never imagined. Hug your kitties for me today!!
LOVE the quilt!!!!

Crispy said...

Oh poor Winona, what an awful time you have had. I got stuck in a snow drift on Monday...I'll be blogging about that later today or tomorrow :0)


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