Friday, October 9, 2009

Working on Fall Projects


It looks like I will be doing good to make one blog post a week. It has been a long week. We have had some really windy days. Today it has rained pretty much off and on all day. It is supposed to be cold, windy, and rainy this weekend. We even have chances of snow on Sunday! I am so not ready for winter, but I guess my opinion doesn't count. LOL I love fall, but as soon as it turns cold, I am ready for spring. 

I guess I will share a few pictures of some of my projects in the past month. This is called Autumn Splendor. It is, of course, a Thimbleberries pattern. I have wanted to make this table runner ever since I saw it in Lynette Jensen's book 'Quilting for Harvest.' So one day, I decided I was just going to do it. I made the nine patches, fused the applique pieces on, then machine blanket stitched around them and sewed the whole thing together. I really can measure, but I was really surprised at how large this is. It is a table runner, but is 28 X 52 inches.

You can see how large it is in this picture with Aeris beside it. She just had to test it out. LOL
I have this all marked and sandwiched, ready to hand quilt. It has to wait in line. (grin)

Please excuse any weirdness in this blog post. I am still trying to learn about Firefox and I have updated something on blogger. Pictures aren't going exactly where I wanted, but at least I don't have to edit HTML. That was a pain. 

This is a wall quilt called Pumpkin Patch. You guessed it. It is another Lynette Jensen pattern from 'Quilting for Harvest'. I really love this book. This quilt was supposed to have another 5 inch border all around it, but I decided to leave it off. I just couldn't find anything in my stash that I liked with this black border fabric. I think it is big enough anyway. It also is marked and sandwiched, waiting to be quilted. 

 I also wanted to share what my sweet husband made for me. He knows how much I enjoy redwork, but I have to struggle to get the designs traced on to my fabric. I have been using a bin turned over a desk lamp, but it is awkward and gets hot. So he decided to make me a light box. He asked how big I wanted it. I think it ended up about 14 inches square. He bought a small florescent under cabinet light. Then he took some scrap lumber and built a box. He fastened the light to the bottom of the box and drilled a hole for the cord. He sent me to town to buy a 14 inch square piece of plexi-glass. I love it. It works great and doesn't get hot. If you don't count the cost for the scrap lumber, it cost him about $14 to make this for me. What a guy! He said we can take the top off , turn the light around and add another light if needed, but this puts out plenty of light. I may paint it some day, but for now it is just fine for me.


 I will share the last two blocks for A Quilter's Garden, then I am off to bed. This is block number 11 called Starburst. 

Block # 12 is called Tulips. I have all twelve flower blocks done now, but probably won't get the top together till after Christmas. I guess it depends on how I get along with my Christmas sewing and quilting. LOL

Well, I hope this all worked, because I need to get to bed. I think I am going to JoAnn's in the morning. Their Columbus Day sale starts tomorrow or rather later this morning. LOL I have really gone through my fusibles the past couple of weeks. I have fused a trout, eagle, 3 chickens, and a calico cat. They are all waiting to be machine blanket stitched. I also made 2 purses this week and finished another redwork mini-quilt. I have the pieced borders all waiting for my Birds and Blooms quilt and just about have all the needle turned applique done on it. I have found that I really get a lot done when I don't spend so much time on the computer. Bren, if you are reading this, I tried to comment on your blog post earlier, but there must have been a glitch. It wouldn't let me. I'll try again tomorrow. I forgot, our internet service was down for 2 days this week too. I really miss it when I don't have it. Everyone have a great day. Thank you for visiting.  


Andrea said...

Your posting worked fine and I'm so glad because it is a lovely post. The table runner is gorgeous - make sure no-one spills anything on it when it's done - lol !

moramargaritaster said...

Awesome quilts.The fall table runner is great.

Crispy said...

Lovely projects Winona. Your posting looked just fine. I'm a geek, I type up all my posting strictly using the edit html area LOL.


~Bren~ said...

I have heard that about my blog from several people. I hope it doesn't keep doing that.
I HAVE to get that book. I think I have all the others, but that one. I LOVE the table runner. It is huge but would fit my table nicely. The other runner is beautiful too. I plan to put that book on my wish list!!
Your light box is wonderful and Kevin is so sweet to make it for you. What a blessing!!!

Myra said...

Great projects Winona! Lovely blocks, and what a wonderful hubby to make you a light box... 8-)

Laurie said...

Love the light box Winona! Then again I fell in love with your redwork as soon as I saw it. Can't wait to see more of the finished ones.
I can send you some of my snow we have here lol. Our high this afternoon is -8 and yes it's cold. Winter is here I'm afraid! Take care my friend.


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