Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nice weather finally

Good afternoon,

We had such a nice day yesterday. For the first time during this month, it got up into the 70's. Of course, with the good, you have to take the bad. LOL The bean bugs are out in force. These are the fake lady bugs that smell horrible when you touch them and that bite when they get under your clothes. We have soy beans planted all around us. They are beginning to harvest them. So the bugs are swarming. They were so bad yesterday, that I just gave up and came back into the house. They land all over you and are so annoying.

Oh well, I still had a good day. I spent it cooking for the freezer. Now my freezer is full and meals are a snap to prepare. I cooked up the wrinkled apples, boiled eggs, cooked spaghetti, cooked brown rice in my rice cooker, cooked beans in the crock pot, and baked 2 batches of corn bread, 1 batch of biscuits, and a large batch of muffins. Most of this is now divided into meal sizes and in my freezer. This makes it much easier to fix Kevin's lunch. I usually fix extra for our lunch and put some in his thermos then grab some corn bread or a muffin from the freezer. His lunch is then ready. I am glad to have all that cooking done. Now I can play today. LOL

I finished this little stitchery a couple of days ago. I used DMC #115 for it. I love this pattern. It is a free pattern from Kaaren . I enjoyed working on it, and it only took a couple of evenings.

I also finished a small red work mini quilt. I just call this one Cherry Pie. I know I got the pattern online somewhere, but I printed it off a while ago, so don't remember where I got it. So please forgive me for not giving credit to the creator. I love to take these red work projects and turn them into mini quilts. They are quick and cute projects.

I had a friend ask me to create some place mats for her. She asked me to do this in the spring. I finally got them done. The cherries in the middle are fused on and hand blanket stitched. The stems are done with a stem stitch. I really don't like this stitch. I much prefer the back stitch. I decided to machine quilt a crosshatch on them since they will probably be washed a lot. I just quilted right over the applique. Don't know if that is a no-no or not, but that is how I did it. LOL
 I kind of like the way the backs turned out. I guess these could be considered reversible.

I received this in the mail last Friday. I won this pattern on Linda's blog. Isn't it cute. She creates some really cute patterns.  I hope to make a bag from it soon.

This is what I found on my ironing board this morning. Please forgive the horrible ironing board cover. I desperately need a new cover. It is even torn. All in good time.LOL Oh, before I forget....I have decided to just stick with the cheap irons. I had one of the expensive ones. It didn't last as long as the cheap ones. As soon as the warranty was up, so was the iron. So I will just buy a cheapie, use it till it quits, and buy another one.

Since Callie was taking over my ironing board, I thought I would go sit in my rocker and do some hand quilting. Hmmm..... this is what was in my rocking chair.

Well, seems Aeris has taken over my rocking chair. So I decided to get on the computer. So far, they haven't taken over my computer, but give them time. LOL

We have been trying to eat healthier. It sure is hard to buy groceries when you have to spend so much time reading labels. Now we have to worry about the genetically engineered food. (Big Sigh) I wish I was rich and could afford to hire someone to do all of my shopping, only buying organic things, no GMO at all. Anyway, a friend put this link on a forum I am on this morning. I thought it was good, so I am sharing it with anyone who wants to avoid GMO. Why don't they just leave the veggies to grow the way God intended?
Well, thank you for visiting and listening to me ramble. Have a good day.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Winona- those placemats are gorgeous!!! And I love your stitcheries- the cherry pie "mini quilt" turned out wonderful! I know what you mean about cheap irons... I bought one from Walmart to use in my sewing room and paid $8 for it and it's better than my other one I paid $32 for!

You asked about the quilt in the picture on my blog... and yes, I'm ashamed to say but that was my very first try at quiltmaking... it's not perfect by any stretch so don't look too close!! But I've washed it several times to make it "raggy" and it's so soft now. I'll do better next time I promise! (I'll at least try to get my seams straight! *LOL*)

Kristie said...

You have certainly been busy! Where do you get your energy from? :) You always do such a great job!

I usually try to keep things like that in the freezer too! It really helps out! We are getting ready to butcher our beefalo soon. We do it ourselves, it is a mess but at least you know how clean it is and can cut it up the way that you want!

Myra said...

Your projects here are all wonderful Winona! Love the place-mats! 8-)
Nice pattern you've won there too!
Those rascally fur-friends! Always taking over! lol! 8-)
Good luck with the shopping...

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