Thursday, July 9, 2009

A little sewing, a little crocheting...

Good evening everyone,

I am not sure what is happening to all of my time. I am an empty nest mama. I am supposed to have lots of extra time. LOL It doesn't seem like that is happening lately. Probably because it is nice enough to be outside now. We worked outside this morning. Kevin mowed and I did some raking of an area we want to work on this weekend. I also have been trying to get all my work done up during the morning. The heat and humidity is coming back. My ankles swell when it is hot and humid. In fact, they just kind of disappear, so I try to sit down and prop them up as much as possible during the afternoons. Usually helps. Here is what I have been doing this afternoon while sitting.
I haven't crocheted for quite a while, so I bought some soft pink yarn and started making a baby afghan. It is an easy pattern and I can crochet while watching tv without concentrating too terribly much. Won't say it is mindless work, because I had to take out about 1/2 a row when I found a booboo. LOL Do need to pay attention to what I am doing. I also want to do some more knitting. Carolyn and I took a couple of classes to learn to knit last fall. I have made a dish cloth, scarf and about half of another scarf and not touched the needles in months. I don't want to forget how to do it.

Kevin asked me to make him a sleeveless shirt to wear when he is working around here. So I did that the first part of the week. All I have left to do is sew the buttons on. I had better get that done since it is almost the weekend. This is a terrible picture, but it is the only one I got of it.
Nothing quilty to show tonight. I know that is hard to believe, but I just haven't been in the mood for quilting this week. I have worked on the Savannah Star some during tv time. I am on the second border, just 2 more and it is done. Yahoo! I need to get some projects done. They are piling up beside my rocker and my lovely kitties keep knocking things down in the floor.

I have had good news. Isaiah was called back to work this past Monday and Jon will start back this coming Monday. Thank you Lord. They have been laid off for a long time. It is such a relief to know that both our boys are back to work. Jonny called and talked to me for a long time yesterday, then again today, so I know he is relieved, happy, and excited to be going back to work. (Well as excited as Jon ever gets anyway. He is a pretty laid back kind of guy!)

Ok, since I don't have much to share with you tonight, I will share a few pictures I took of the grandbabies at Ashton's party a couple of weeks ago. Here is Ashton waving his pirate flag. You can see how hot it was. All of the kids were beet red.
Ava Beth with the wind blowing her curls across her face. We tried to put her hair up, but she wanted it down. Looks hot to me.
Here is Noah looking up at my camera all wide-eyed. Isabella is growing so much. Look how long her hair is getting. She won't get far from her mama.

Well, that is about all I know for tonight. Tomorrow is grocery day and it is supposed to be hot and humid. I will probably spend the afternoon hugging the ac. LOL Everyone have a good night. Thank you for visiting and please come again.


Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ Good to see you. Was wondering what you had been doing lately. I too am an empty nester and time seems to be a very hard thing to find lately. I do the same as you as far as getting things done in the morning. We don't have the humidity but we do get the heat, so I try to get everything done in the AM. I go out to weed at about 5:45AM so there isn't much sun beating down and then try to get laundry done by 7AM.
Love the baby blanket, I don't do much crocheting but I do make the occasional dishcloth...
Have a great weekend

Crispy said...

You have been busy. I've been mostly just lazy and sewing as much as possible. Bob asked for a sleevless shirt one time, I just cut the sleeves off an old shirt LOL.


karenfae said...

when all else fails there are always pictures of grandchildren! I wish mine were near by :(

~Bren~ said...

Hope it is not too hot there today. It has been humid but only in the 70's here...lots of rain.
Thanks for helping me through my quilting crisis yesterday!
Love the pics...especially those grandkids!

simple country living! said...

Hi Winona! Just stopping by on a break from the hectic busy-ness of summer & grandkids! You have such a lovely "bunch" of cuties! Take care & God bless!

Farm Chick Paula said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your grandbabies, Winona! They are all so cute.
I know what you mean- where does the time go? It's good to stay busy, but this time of year it seems nothing gets done indoors! I guess cold weather will be here soon enough, so I need to keep my mouth shut! LOL

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