Monday, July 20, 2009

A Finsh to Share!

Good afternoon,
We had such a nice weekend. I could not believe that we just started on the last half of July. We had record breaking lows about 4 nights in a row. Goodness, people were even wearing jackets. I didn't because I am just not going to drag those back out until I absolutely have to. LOL It was so pleasant all weekend that we basically stayed outside, just sitting on the patio enjoying the hummingbirds. We did get most of the mowing done. My garden is just not worth weeding. I don't know what happened, but everything looks stunted in growth and have very few leaves. The bush greenbeans are only about 8 inches high with few leaves and even fewer blooms. The sweetcorn is just pitiful! It is only about to my waist. Even the zucchini is only about 10 inches tall with a handful of zucchini on them. Just not worth wasting our time weeding them. Maybe next year. Even Kevin commented to me about how little everything is. He doesn't usually notice. LOL

I had a finish this weekend. I got the binding sewed down on the back of the Savannah Star and got it washed. It is now complete! That makes me feel good. Here it is.
It turned out all crinkly and soft like I wanted after washing it. Here is a closeup of the center star area.
And of course a picture of the back. (grin)
I also finished the crocheting on the pink baby afghan last night while watching tv with Kevin. All I have left to do is weave in the loose ends and it is done! I'll try to share a picture of it with you all tomorrow.

(Big sigh here) I never did get Kevin's new shirts cut out. Friday I cleaned the table all off. I just couldn't resist that big clean space. I started sandwiching tops that need quilted. I got 3 tops all sandwiched and pin basted. I usually just use pins to baste on the baby size and smaller quilts. These were all about that size. I have Harbor Town, Noah's Ark, and leftover strips quilt all ready to start quilting on, but I do have a few projects to finish first. I wonder if I will stick with that. I wouldn't want to lay money on it. LOL Here they are just crying out to be worked on. I will get Kevin's shirts made, maybe this week.
I have also been working on the Birds and Blooms quilt. I am on the last applique section on the bottom. It is coming along, kind of slow, but steady. Well, this post is short, but hopefully sweet. LOL I have things I need to get done, so I will end here and try to come back tomorrow. It is looking very much like a storm coming in, so I'd better get off the computer. Everyone have a good day. Thank you for visiting and please come again.


Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ I like the colors in that Savannah star quilt. We have cooler weather here today, only going to get to 101' instead of the 106'+ that we have been having :) Roger calls me from work(about 80 miles away) and tells me how cold it is over there...he knows how that iritates me!! Have a great week.

Karen said...

I love the look of a new quilt after it has been washed & dried!

Crispy said...

Your quilt is just lovely. I love quilts after their first washing...I just want to wrap up in it and take a nap.

I've been told that if you veggies aren't producing it's because the need nitrogen. Farmers around here plant peas to freshen up their fields.


Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm sorry about your garden, Winona- ours was awful this year too. The beans are already done for (we didn't have many) and the corn may still make it, but if it does, it will be small. The only thing that did really well was the cucumbers. I think it was because right after we planted, it started raining. And raining... so everything got too much water and not enough sunshine!
The Savannah Star is so pretty! You did such a wonderful job on that. I know what you mean about a clean work space- it just begs to be cluttered up, doesn't it? LOL
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Myra said...

Your Savannah Star is wonderful Winona! Awesome! Love the fabrics! 8-)
Three more quilts sandwiched! Good for you! Those shirts will get done in due time! lol!
Your appliques are looking great too!
Happy stitchings!

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