Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The ducks and chicks are 2 weeks old.

The baby chicks and ducklings are just over 2 weeks old. Goodness they have grown fast. I had to make a special trip to town this morning to get a bigger waterer for the ducks. LOL A gallon waterer just wasn't doing it. They can go through a gallon of water in less than 2 hours. So in order to prevent a day of walking back and forth between the house and the brooder, I bought a bigger waterer. I took a bunch of pictures this morning. The chicks are at that awkward stage where their feathers are just coming in.
The chicks have feathered out more, but the ducks have grown lots more. Of course, the amount they eat probably accounts for that. LOL
Well, I think that is enough pictures for now. At this rate the ducks will be ready to move into the big chicken house before long. Can you believe how much they have grown in just two weeks? Thanks for visiting. Please come again.

1 comment:

Paula said...

Awwwww! Did you hear me squealing, Winona? *hehe*
They are so cute when they are in the "awkward" stage like that~ look at those big ol' feet!

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