Friday, March 23, 2012

Kevin's Christmas Lap Quilt

This week has been a stressful week. It has rained almost continuously since Monday afternoon. We did have a few hours break yesterday and today so far. It rained most of the night, though. So of course it is way too wet to do anything outside.
 Last week a deer ran into the side of the car while Kevin was coming home from work. It is dented, but we will live with dents. Hopefully the crazy deer survived. I am thankful my sweetie was not hurt and no significant damage was done to the car.
This week, the driver's side front wheel bearing went out of our car. Our only other vehicle is an old, old pickup that is on its last legs and drinks gas like nobody's business. Kevin was able to take the old truck and get the car parts. When I went to bed Wednesday night, I prayed to God to just give us a couple hours of sunshine and no winds on Thursday morning, so we could get the work done on the car. It costs us at least $20  day when Kevin has to drive the pickup to work. We got up Thursday morning, to lovely sunshine and calm winds. We got the bearing thingy put on in less than 2 hours. As we were putting the tools up, we noticed that the wind was really picking up and the clouds were once again rolling in. Our God is so amazing! He gave me exactly what I asked for. (big grin)
Yesterday and today has been spent trying to figure out some of mom's paperwork. Evidently some of it got lost in the mail. (Either that or she misplaced it. Don't know which.) She was about to lose a bunch of her benefits. I am so thankful to my sister-in-law, Gina, for going and taking care of this for mom when I just couldn't right now. (Big sigh) Maybe life is going to calm down for me now. I sure hope so. I have been too stressed to even sew any. Not good.
Anyway, I figured I'd better share pictures of Kevin's Christmas Quilt that he didn't get till the end of Feb. LOL Here it is.
Please do not look too closely at the intersections. LOL I bought those 5" charms at Walmart. It was in a pack or 100 precuts. Hmm, I had Kevin help me lay them out in what he thought was a pleasing look. I never even thought to measure these squares. I just picked them up and sewed away. LOL Well, they are definitely not cut square. Once I figured that out, I almost just put the whole project away, but Kevin really liked these fabrics, so I continued on. He said he didn't care if the squares didn't all meet just right. I bought some extra fabric for borders and finished it . No way I was going to rip all those squares out, trim them, and sew them back together.  So be aware if you buy one of those $10 packs of 100 precut 5" charms from Walmart, they are not all cut true.
I had thought about trying to machine quilt it, but decided that would be more work than hand quilting it. LOL It would have helped if I had not gotten bored with it. That is why it took me so long to finish. All those similar fabrics and quilting 'X's just got boring after a while. Sorry no pictures of Kevin holding it. He would rather have a tooth pulled than get his picture taken. LOL But Callie sure gave her approval. This was within minutes of finishing it. LOL
Here is the back of it with Callie and Aeris both laying on it. I think Kevin had been laying on the bed, using it. When he got up he just threw it off himself. Didn't take our ladies long to find it. LOL
Well, that is it for today. Thank you for visiting. Please come again.


Allie said...

Yep, our God answers prayer! That quilt is just lovely hon, and I know exactly what you mean about pre-cuts - I've found that holds true with just about all of them. I've started taking the time to trim them all now. Which pretty much defeats the purpose....

Laura said...

Love the quilt! I can't believe you hand quilted it. Very nice!!

Grit said...

Ein sehr schöner Quilt! Die Katzen mögen ihn auch :)
LG GRit from Germany

~Bren~ said...

It looks wonderful!! I know how glad you were to get that one finished up!! Worth all the effort!

Cathy said...

I know Kevin is loving his quilt.
How sweet of you to make this for your sweet man.
Thinking of you my friend and love you,

Paula said...

Good morning, Winona~ I'm so far behind on my blog reading I may never get caught up... I didn't even know you had put a new post up. (Almost week ago now! *JEEZ*)

I'm so sorry to hear about the deer meeting up with Kevin's car... they are really bad around here too and will dart out in front of your car with no warning and it scares me to death. I don't want to hit them, but I for sure don't want my car torn up either!

Glad you were able to get the bearing on the car... my car has been in the shop for the last three weeks and they can't find out what's wrong. (it keeps dying on me right in the middle of the road!) Hubby says if they can't fix it soon we will have to trade instead of putting more and more money into it (it's a '97) but *boy* do I hate the thought of having to borrow money right now... I'm just praying the Lord will make a way no matter what.

I love Kevin's quilt~ the colors are great! I would have never known about the squares not being cut true... I would have just assumed it was me. (It probably would have been even if they were cut right. *hehe*)

Sorry to be so long-winded, I just haven't talked to you in a while... *wink*
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear. ((HUGS))

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