Saturday, October 8, 2011

I made a mini ironing board.

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a mini ironing board. My sewing area is small and sometimes, I just don't need the big ironing board, especially if I am piecing blocks at the machine. I saw one like this on a blog once, but have no idea whose blog. I kind of did this one by what seemed logical to me. LOL  I figured some of you might like to see how I made it. It wasn't hard.
First I bought a little wooden tv tray at Walmart for $8.88.
Then I gathered my supplies. I used from my stash. I found this pretty floral fabric, some heavy weight muslin, some warm and natural batting, and some insulbrite. (Not sure that is spelled right. It is the stuff used in potholders.) I also needed scissors, a staple gun and a hammer.
I pressed everything, then laid it out on the bed: fabric (right side facing down), muslin (to act as a lining and give the fabric a little more strength), warm and natural batting (that I pieced together from leftovers), and the insulbrite (the heat reflecting stuff facing away from the table).
Then I placed the table upside down on top of this. I trimmed a little extra off the edges. Then folded the raw edge and folded again. I kept everything snug, and stapled it to the bottom of the table.
I hammered the staples in as I went around the table, so they would stay snug. I did the two long sides first, then the two short ends, and did the best I could on the corners. 
I have used it lots of times already and love it. It is way too short to use while standing, but perfect for spinning around while sewing to press a block. So for less than $10 and some stuff from my stash, I have a very handy little mini ironing board. When I'm not using it, it folds up just like any other tv tray.
I am excited. The grandkids are coming tomorrow. We are going to surprise my MIL for her birthday, then on to see my mom, then back home to have a BBQ. I can hardly wait. Kevin and I have been sprucing the place up today. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share next time.

I have been thinking about some long term quilting goals. I have several bedsize quilts that I would like to make in the next few years for gifts. Yes, you read that right. I said years. LOL I am a hand quilter after all. (grin) Anyway, in order to get these gifts done in time without having to rush, I decided that I should make a goal list. Nothing on this list will get started till after Christmas, but at least I have a list to go by. Whether I follow it or not, who knows. I am not going overboard this year for Christmas, like last year. If you remember, I made 3 twin size quilts for the SIL's. Not doing that this year, but I do have a small project planned for each of the kids. I won't share them just yet, in case one of them actually checks in on my blog. LOL

So for the rest of this year, I want to finish the Daisy Star, quilt both Raggedy Ann and Henrietta Whiskers, and work on Christmas gifts. Now that may seem like a big goal, but the quilts are just for fun and don't have to be done by the first of the year. I almost forgot. I also want to quilt the 36 Patch (which I still do not have the blocks together) for our bed. It should be quick, though.

Now, here are my goals to have done for the next 8 or so years: (No laughing now!)

1. May 2012- Quilt the Star Quilt Along Quilt for Cathryn and Jeremy's 10 wedding anniversary. Quilt is already pieced.(queen size)
2. May 2013- Make mom a Carpenter Star quilt in blues for her 75th birthday. Fabric already bought. (full size)
3. Aug. 2013 - Make the Quilter's Garden quilt for Carolyn and Bob's 10th anniversary. Blocks already done. (queen size)
May 2014 - make a homespun plus black rail fence for my nephew Jared's graduation. Already have the fabrics. (twin size)
May 2015 - make a quilt for niece, Hannah's graduation. No idea yet. (twin size)
May 2018 -make a quilt for niece, Madison's graduation. No idea yet. (twin size)
May 2019 -make a quilt for nephew, Hunter's graduation. No idea yet. (twin size) 

Instead of calling this my goal list, maybe I should call it my dream list, cause things change, and I might not get any of these done, but it is in my mind now, so I shall see. Plus you know projects are always added when you find a cute pattern, or cute BOM. LOL Can you tell I had way too much time on my  hands today? LOL Well, this is getting long, so I will end here. Thank you for visiting. Please come again. Have a fabulous Sunday. I know I will!!!!

Well, not sure what happened, but I can't get rid of the red in the goal list. I think even blogger is laughing at me. LOL


Lynn said...

Wow, how organized are you!lol
I love your mini ironing board, what a great idea, it does get a bit tedious getting up and down to the ironing board.
P.S. the red looks ok, it highlights your list.

Pat said...

That mini ironing board is great...I might do that, too!

Bren said...

Oooo I want a mini ironing board! I have to drag this big one around with me everywhere!
I loved your list, but could not get past the fact that youare hand quilting all th ose quilts this winter...I have the UGRR to do and I doubt I will make ANY Christmas gifts this year. I am allowing myself to have no pressure this holiday season!

~JoAnn~ said...

Winona ~ You are so smart to make an ironing board,mine is in the kitchen in the wall and drops down, nice sometimes but not so good for sewing. Luckily I am not a quilter, just an embroiderer :) Have a wonderful Sunday. Blessings,Joann

Valerie said...

Did my comment post? Maybe I hit the wrong button - well anyhow I love your ironing board, what a great idea! You have inspired me to to want to try one for myself...and good luck with your quilting goals! Sorry if I post twice!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

this is so cool and I really like the fabric you selected for the top too!! I have been reorganizing too...really makes you feel all better and things look so inviting!!

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