Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mom's Birthday

Good afternoon, 
It is a beautiful day here in Missouri. The sun is shining and the humidity has gone way down. It is still hot outside, but at least now it is tolerable. Big news! We got our garden planted. I had an appointment on Tues. to get my hair cut. While I was gone, Kevin got the tiller out and got me a small area ready. This is  very small to what we used to plant. I would estimate it is about 20'X30'. So while in town, I stopped by the garden center and picked up a few more plants. Our garden has 6 sweet potatoes, 2 bell peppers, 2 eggplants, 8 tomatoes, and 2 rows of green beans. Considering we used to plant well over 100 tomatoes and about 24 peppers, this is pretty small. LOL  Kevin is going to till me another section to plant watermelon, muskmelon, zucchini and spaghetti squash. That will probably be it, unless we decide to plant a fall garden. We decided that there is no point in planting more than the two of us can comfortably take care of. I am kind of excited about this small garden. (grin) Sorry, I forgot to take pictures, but I will as it grows.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so I spent much of the day with her. I made her a pair of pillowcases. I used her favorite colors for the cuff and trim. She absolutely loved them.  Here they are.
 It tickled me to make something for mom that she obviously loved. Who would have thought pillowcases would get that response? LOL Here is mom holding one of them up.
I just thought I'd share a few things of mom's with you all. She has this crazy bird that she loves. I think it is a cockatoo (Could be wrong about that as birds are not my thing.) Anyway, this bird is meaner than the dickens. He bites hard. I won't even put my hand in the cage, yet mom goes up to the cage and makes kissing noises. Can you believe it? This bird, BJ, comes to the top of the cage and sticks his head up for mom to kiss. She is braver that I. LOL Anyway, here is BJ. Best I could do through the cage. No way was I letting him out.

Look at him. He is just daring me to get closer. No thank you, BJ. LOL Mom also has a stray cat that kept coming to her apartment, so she started feeding her. You know where this is going. Now she feeds several cats in the neighborhood. LOL Anyway, this mama cat is so pregnant that she looks like she could burst. LOL Poor thing was laying on the sidewalk, meowing at me. Mom is going to have her spayed as soon as she has these kittens and gets them weaned. This is such a good kitty. Mom calls her Mommy. (Now I know where I get giving lame names from. LOL)
Mom has a green thumb where flowers are concerned. (I didn't get that from her. LOL) I only took one picture of her flowers, but she has them everywhere.  They are beautiful and help to attract the hummingbirds that she loves watching.
Mom had a nice birthday and heard from all 4 of us kids and several grandkids. That makes it a nice day.

Speaking of grandkids.....I am packing my bags, getting ready to go. LOL I leave tomorrow at noon. I took the car in this afternoon to have the oil changed and everything checked out. I did laundry yesterday and have been cooking for Kevin to have something to eat this weekend. I am even taking my shorts instead of just skirts like normal.  I am not taking any handwork because I plan on playing hard. LOL Cath says that Ashton and Ava are very excited. I think I may even jump on the trampoline. Kevin said, 'Just don't break anything!' LOL Hope not. I am so anxious to see my babies. I will be in Lawrence from Friday till Sunday, about noon. Then I am going to Kansas City to see Noah and Izabella. That's right, I will get to see 4 of our 5 grandbabies this weekend. Does it get any better? Well, it would be better if I could see Madison too, and Kevin could come with me, but I will take what I can get. LOL I will stay in KC from Sunday till Monday evening, then come home. It will be an busy and fun filled weekend. I should come back with lots of pictures to share, if I don't forget my camera. I even bought some new purple flip flops. (I call these thongs, because that is what I grew up calling them, but my kids have informed me that these are not thongs. LOL)
Aren't they pretty? What do you call these? I think it is a generation thing. LOL 

More good news, I have been on a semi-low carb diet for a week, lost 5 lbs and my blood glucose and blood pressure have both come way down. I am also walking. Today I did 3 miles. I told Kevin that you know you have  had a good workout when you stink when you are done. LOL That was me this morning. (grin)

Well, no quilting projects today, but lots of other stuff. I will be back next week with all the details of my 'Weekend with the Grandchildren'. No time tomorrow for a post. I have to get up early to get all my stuff like, Bible study, walk, breakfast, chores, etc. done, so that I can also make a trip to the bank and store before I leave. So tomorrow will be crammed full. Everyone have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for visiting and please come again.


Granny J said...

Winona I love those pillowslips. I would have never picked those two pieces but they look great together. It seems like I always make pillowslips from one piece of material. I'm going to try making some with contrasting edging.

We had a miniature parrot and it would let my husband take it out of the cage. It would set on the arm of the sofa and watch tv with him. It would shake the cage so hard it would rattle if I tried to do anything with him. I know what you mean when you say you hate that bird. LOL

Those are thongs to me and I love the color. Have a great weekend visiting those grandbabies.

Myra said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Great pillow cases!

Sharon said...

Hi Winona, I just found your blog. I love it because I am a catlover and quilter too. I love your pillowcases that you made for your mom. If you go to my blog at you can see them.

Crispy said...

Oh Winona, what a wonderful weekend you are going to have!! Happy Birthday to your Mom!! I look forward to seeing pictures of your grands!!


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