Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Christmas Projects

Good afternoon,

The sun is shining, but it is really cold outside. Still in the teens and should be there all day. Tonight is supposed to be single digits. So we are bringing in the new year really cold. At least it isn't snowing today.

I took the leftover pieces of fabric from each grandchild's pillow case and made them small tote bags. I think they turned out really cute. Since I used their stockings to put candy and junk, I used these to put good things, like apples and oranges in them. (grin) I think I will also stick their money in them. The back row has Izzie's (pink) and Ashton's. Front row has Ava's (Tinkerbell) and Noah's (Cars). I am sure you probably figured that out, though. LOL  Madison didn't get one this year, but should be walking by next year.

I also decided to make a pillow case for each of our kids. I am really quite proud of myself. I only bought 2 yards of fabric and used at least 12 yards from my stash for pillow cases. These are all in pairs for the married couples.

These are for the singles.

I bought new pillows for Noah and Izzie, but Cathryn told me she had just replaced Ava's and Ashton's in the past couple of months, so they didn't need new ones. Instead, I finished these place mats for them. They both love dogs, so I think they will like them.


Well, that is it for me today. I decided it would be better to do shorter posts, but more often. That has been working out fine for me. We are having our Christmas celebration tomorrow, so I may not get here, but I'll try on Saturday or Sunday. I have to go to mom's early in the morning to get her bills and meds ready for the month. Our gathering is late afternoon, so that will work out ok. I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year. Thank you for visiting.


Laurie said...

Enjoy your Christmas celebration with your family tomorrow Winona. Count your blessing you just have the cold cause I have that and the snow to go with it lol. Ended up helping with the move this afternoon by holding doors and did some light carrying but I'm chilled to the bone now and can't get warm.
Happy New Year!!!


Milah said...

The totes are cute and I'm sure the kids will love them.
Happy New Year!

~Bren~ said...

You are so creative. I love that you are posting again!!!
Have a blessed Christmas with your family tomorrow and Happy, Happy New Year!!!!!

Crispy said...

Great "stuff" Winona!!

Have a Happy New Year too.


Myra said...

Wonderful gifts made for the family Winona! Good for you!
I hope you had a wonderful time with the kids on new year's day, and wish you a good year! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Farm Chick Paula said...

I love the placemats, Winona- that is wonderful fabric. And those pillowcases are great!! I love the different colors in them!

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