Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is this ugly enough?

Good evening everyone,
It is so hot and humid here that I have been hiding out in my sewing area for the past 2 days. We finally got rid of the storms, now the heat is here.(sigh) It was just a tad over 100* here a little while ago. I talked to my daughter in Kansas and she said it was 107* at her house. (Yuck!) I hate winter, but I think I hate heat worse. I get everything done outside really early, so I don't have to go out in the afternoon at all.

Our oldest grandson turns 6 on July 2nd, but he is having his birthday party this Saturday. We will give him a card with some money in it, but then I thought about making him a wall quilt. Do you think this is ugly enough for a 6 year old boy? LOL
I would hate to walk into this in the dark. Goodness, I have outdone myself on ugly and scary. Here is a closer view, if you can stand it. LOL I'll bet Ashton will like it. I hope so, anyway.
I had quite a time with this. I found the pattern at FatCat Patterns. So I printed off everything. Then traced all the pieces onto fusible web (There were a lot of pieces too!). I forgot that you usually have to reverse everything to have it turn out looking like the picture. (Why is that anyway? Why not just put the pattern pieces like they need to be?) Anyway, so I was trying to put this together by looking at a picture, but everything on mine is just the opposite. It took me most of the afternoon, but I finally got it done. He is a mirror image of the pattern. (grin) I think I will sew a simple border around it, sandwich it, and quilt it as I machine applique it. No one will see the back anyway since it will be hung on the wall. I am not very fast at machine appliqueing, so this is going to take me a while. I hope I can have it done by Saturday!

I won a giveaway on Kristie's blog a couple of weeks ago. I received my prize today. It is 4 fat quarters of flag type fabrics and 1/2 yard of pledge allegiance fabric. If I ever get caught up with things, I would like to make a patriotic quilt. Thank you, Kristie. I love it.
I know this is short, but the heat is getting to me. I am going to fix me something cold to drink and a cold salad, put my feet up, and just chill the rest of the evening. One good thing about this heat is that I don't eat as much. LOL Everyone have a good evening. Thank you for visiting.


Farm Chick Paula said...

*giggle* I can't help it, Winona... I think that is the cutest dragon I've ever seen!
I LOVE applique.. do you sew it by hand? I've never done hand applique, but I LOVE using a blanket stitch around the edges with my machine.
That was a wonderful prize- congrats on winning that! I think that would make a beautiful quilt!

Karen said...

Looks like something a young boy would like.

Fruit of her hands said...

Winona~ My grandson is only 5 and I know he would love it as his favorite color is green!! I am sure Ashton will think it is cool...I am going to try my hand at some machine applique this week too, but mine will probably be done some time in December :)


Ellen said...

It's not ugly at all, Winona! I just love the dragon, you picked out the perfect fabrics for it. Ashton will love it!
I hope your weather won't be too bad today.

blessings, Ellen

Jenny said...

Nice dragon!

Pat said...

I, too, think that dragon is cute and am sure he will love it. I agree with you about the patterns for applique (and not having them printed the way they should face)....but....since they don't know if people are doing fusible or needle-turn, they position the pattern for needle-turn and too bad for the rest of us who do fusible applique. *sigh*

Crispy said...

Oh Yeah, this quilt is perfect for a 6yo. He's gonna love it!! Congrats on your win!!


~Bren~ said...

Ugly? No...Adorable? YES!! Like Ellen said, the fabrics are PERFECT! I am certain Aston will love his dragon quilt!
Great flag fabrics! It is HOT HOT HOT here too. I plan to stay in my sewing room most of today!

tiffibug said...

As soon as I saw it Puff the Magic Dragon popped into my head! It won't stop, I don't remember all the words. Ah!!!!!!!!

I think Ashton will love it. I always loved things my grandma made for me.

Milah said...

Your grandson will love this quilt. I know mine would.

I heard on the news that Mo. was having extreme heat and humidity. I immediately thought of you.:D I hope today will be a little cooler for you and that heat will leave and go north and not east!

Myra said...

Boy have I got some catching up to do again!!!

I think your dragon is awesome Winona! I think Ashton will go ga-ga over it! What 6 year old boy wouldn't!?! 8-)

Stay cool!

Beth said...

Wow...you have made some amazing quilts! I love what you have done! I have never had enough courage to do a big quilt...I've made simple, "starter" crib quilts when my babies were born and this past Christmas I made lots of pretty quilted potholders. I know, not very difficult or original, but it was so much fun and my husbands elderly aunts did love them.
Keep up the good work!

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